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FAQ ABOUT US: Who is the owner of Dressel Divers?

Who is the founder of Dressel Divers? Name: Javier Ibran Pardo Nationality: Spanish Date of birth: 27 December 1966 President and Founder of DRESSEL DIVERS INTERNATIONAL […]

Tec Camp FAQ: Who is Jeff Loflin?

Who is Jeff Loflin? Jeff has an impressive background in the field of dive training with strong emphasis on PADI Tec. Jeff has certified over 1.800 […]

Sidemount FAQ: Position of the tanks?

Where do the tanks go? Side mount tanks should be parallel to the body, below the shoulders and alongside the hips. The tank bands are located […]

Sidemount FAQ: Why two tanks?

I don’t need two tanks, I can do a dive with one only, so why Side Mount Diving? If you choose to take a sidemount dive […]