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FAQ ABOUT US: Do you offer diving without certification?
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FAQ ABOUT US: Can your course adapt to my vacation?

Can Dressel Divers certify me taking into account my other vacation commitments?

Yes we can! Certifying divers is Dressel Divers´ greatest passion!  We love teaching more than anything else to turn your vacation into an incredible ocean adventure, in minimum time and full respect for your other interests or plans.  For this we use a very flexible planning system combined with the most modern time saving teaching techniques available.

What’s more, Dressel Divers has an excellent safety record. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated by the fact that we are a company that in July 2015 received the PADI Award for Outstanding Achievement in recognition of 75,000 PADI student certifications, that our company has already issued in the span of its history.  Given that for many years prior to this we also offered the equivalent certification courses as an SSI Platinum Facility the real number surpasses 115,000 student diver certifications.

A big thank you to PADI for the award and especially to our students for becoming real divers with Dressel Divers!