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Sign up for our new SDI apprenticeship, improving on our formerly famous PADI Scuba Diving Instructor internship, and GRADUATE AS a DIVE INSTRUCTOR FOR FREE.  Dressel Divers has been a pioneer in PADI dive instructor internships via grants for three decades and on a regular basis offered SIX MONTH PADI dive instructor internships. To keep offering an even more excellent internship we finally upgraded to SDI, as always including all the dives needed for admission to the IDC received for free (with scholarship including study materials) after completion of the internship.

 In the interest of maximum quality, same as with the preceding PADI instructor internship, the free IDC courses are not integrated into the internship itself but given as a formal separate program taken afterward, along with the paying customers we also have, and of the exact same standard.

The Dive Instructor internship and scholarship program is still six months duration and continues to include daily free breakfast, free lunch (in some areas also dinner), free lodging (youth hostel style), a free daily dive, free standard dive equipment use, and much more. Same as our prior PADI diving instructor interns, in exchange for all these benefits as an SDI diving instructor intern and apprentice, you participate fully in those dive center tasks as assigned by the manager.


In addition to valuable practical training and experience, in recognition of your participation in the daily tasks of the dive center, you will receive a 10% Unlimited Sales Commissions (of which 300 USD monthly are guaranteed as a fixed grant!) + tips.  Furthermore, after your first year working with us as an SDI instructor, we will pay you an IDC of any other training agency of your choice (PADI, SSI, IANTD…). Last but not least, after your second year in the company as an SDI instructor, we will pay you for a cave diving course!

Grow at Dressel Divers, we offer you much more than a

You’ll part of diverse extended family, with members originating from every corner of the globe. Moreover, there are genuine prospects for personal development within our ranks.

1. You’ll receive training at the internship’s beginning, not at the end.

2. Your teachers will be Course Directors, not just Dive Instructors.

3. Completely Free Courses’ Fees. We pay them.

4. You’ll get a monthly grant in recognition of your help.

5. You’ll have real opportunities for career plan development. Our managers started just like you.

Prerequisites for the Dive Instructor internships in the caribbean

Diving related Credentials

• You need to hold a renewed/active SDI & PADI Divemaster certification or equivalent from another federation. If you do not have this no worries, simply apply for our divemaster apprenticeship first.

• Participants need to be free of any medical contraindications to scuba diving and obtain a medical certificate saying they are fit for diving.

Non-diving related Credentials

•  You have to be fluent in English, the official language of DRESSEL DIVERS. Ideally for the apprenticeship you will also speak one or more of the following; Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian or Dutch.

• Furthermore you need to be an enthusiastic, hardworking, safety oriented and service minded individual with good sales and people skills.

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    This is the Dive Instructor internship you were looking for

    If you are seeking an instructor internship to learn how to train future divers, and not just move tanks from one place to another

    If you long for your instructor to be a Course Director, and not of lower status

    If you need to get a grant for your participation and not just help with chores for free…

    If you want to know how to predict and resolve new diver issues even before they happen

    If you are looking for a Dive Instructor Internship that offers you more than 130 logged dives before your IDC