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Our tours and excursions in Jamaica are perfect for a longer get away than just the usual nearby reef visits. Enjoy a full day excursion around Montego Bay to discover sites of very special interest in Jamaica that are just a bit further away but will within your holiday reach.

Dressel Divers will take you on tours to lagoons that glisten just after nightfall and to the most famous marine park in the country with fish totally in tune with the color combinations Jamaica is famous for.

You can join us alone or with friends and family. Everyone is guaranteed to enjoy an excursion or tour full of fun and maritime adventure in and out of the water. The views on the hilly Jamaican coastline dotted with plantations during the boat cruises are splendid and will mark your memory and pictures for a lifetime.

Your hard-earned vacation deserves to include all the best reefs in the area don´t you think? We think so for sure and this is why Dressel Divers organizes its popular excursions, to ensure your holiday near the ocean is complete and you can say: been there, did that!

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