MARIETA ISLANDS Excursion & Tour
with Dressel Divers

Our Marieta Islands excursion will immediatly make you feel like the renowned Jacques Cousteau who contributed to making them a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The Dressel Divers Marieta Island excursion is fantastic for BOTH DIVERS & SNORKELERS! This amazing excursion keeps friends and families with different interests together, except during the reef visits.

The Marieta Islands are part of a subsea mountain that extends to the surface and with its peaks creates these islands as amazing below the surface as above. Join us in this natural habitat for divers and snorkelers. You will quickly feel at home like the a fish on the reefs.

Frequency: From Tuesday to Saturday with a minimum of 4 participants.

Marieta Island Diving Tour
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The Marietas Islands are listed as the best area in the region for scuba diving, with underwater mountains and cave openings, plenty of tropical fish. Depending on conditions, we usually first tour along the islands for sights and some bird watching, and then go diving and snorkeling. After this we continue circling around the islands.
During humpback whale season we stop for customers to take pictures if whales are seen on the way to or back from the Islands, but due to the limited time for that trip we organize separate Whale watching trips as well… This tour can also BE SHARED WITH TRAVEL PARTNERS THAT DO NOT DIVE.

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The Marieta Islands offers a magical beach environment and snorkeling sites to its visitors. The island is Bird sanctuary where up to 80 different sea bird species can be found- especially during migration in autumn and spring. It is Famous for the almost guaranteed sighting of “blue footed boobies”.
A great excursion for families and groups of friends! If you have travel companions going on our Marieta Island Dive Excursion this tour allows you to join them as both are organized together from the beginning to the end.

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Our tours welcome everyone!

WHEREVER YOU STAY you can join the Dressel Divers Marieta Island tour for scuba diving or snorkeling!

Our Marieta Island TOUR INCLUDES

  • Boat ride to and from the Marieta Islands.
    • FOR SNORKELERS:Professional snorkel guide, mask, snorkel, fins, snorkel vest, boat, crew and 1 snorkeling session. We have knowledgeable multilingual snorkeling guides – usually qualified (or in training) Dive Instructors and Divemasters, offering better safety in the water and teaching help, for example on how to better use the snorkel gear!
    • FOR DIVERS: Professional dive guide, dive boat and crew for 1 dive. NOTE: This dive is purchased separately or taken from a package (rental scuba equipment available), and they do qualify for our 10% online discount. Only certified divers with certification card can dive at the Marieta Islands. Divers MUST have physical certification card with foto or equivalent printed copy, because Marine park guards do not want to take responsibility of cell phones that might be dropped into the water.
    • WHY GO WITH US: Small groups!!! Personalized service!! Our Boats are smaller and therefore it is possible to get closer to the sights (for example under “the arch” ) and birds – not a “party boat” but nature oriented with experienced snorkel guides and dive instructors. Only ½ day tours. Not gone all day!
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