MARIETA ISLANDS Excursion & Tour with Dressel Divers

Marieta Island Excursions & Tours

Our Marieta Islands excursion will immediatly make you feel like the renowned Jacques Cousteau who contributed to making them a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The Dressel Divers Marieta Island excursion is fantastic for BOTH DIVERS & SNORKELERS! All day long this excursion keeps friends and families with different interests together, except during the reef visits.

The Marieta Islands are part of a subsea mountain that extends to the surface and with its peaks creates these islands as amazing below the surface as above. Join us in this natural habitat for divers and snorkelers. You will quickly feel at home like the a fish on the reefs.

Frequency: Every day upon request, except for Sundays

Marieta Island Diving Tour
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The Marietas Islands are listed as the best area in the region for scuba diving. With amazing underwater mountains and cave openings. You will observe many tropical fish thanks to the islands protected status.

Bayahibe Scuba Diving
End of March there might also still be Whales to spot on the way, but due to the limited time for that trip we organize separate Whale watching trips as well… This tour can also BE SHARED WITH TRAVEL PARTNERS THAT DO NOT DIVE.

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SNORKELING TOURS to Marieta Island

The Marieta Islands offers a magical beach environment and snorkeling sites to its visitors. We offer a 3 hour snorkel excursions with some bird watching and island sightseeing from the boat.

Snorkeling in cozumel

A great excursion for families and groups of friends! If you have travel companions going on our Marieta Island Dive Excursion this tour allows you to join them as both are organized together from the beginning to the end.

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Winter Visibility
+/- 60 feet (18 meters)

Summer Visibility
+/- 130 feet (40 meters)

Winter/Spring water
temp. 75ºF (24ºC)

Summer/Autumn water
temp.  85ºF (29ºC)

Our tours welcome everyone!

WHEREVER YOU STAY you can join the Dressel Divers Marieta Island tour for scuba diving or snorkeling!

STAY AT ANY RESORT and board our Marieta Island excursion transport right from it´s reception or agreed pick up point!

Our Marieta Island TOUR INCLUDES

  • Transportation between your hotel or agreed pick up point and our dive center in Punta De Mita.
  • Boat ride to and from the Marieta Islands.
    • FOR SNORKELERS: Professional snorkel guide, mask, snorkel, fins, snorkel vest, boat, crew and 1 snorkeling session.
    • FOR DIVERS: Professional dive guide, dive boat and crew for 1 dive. NOTE: This dive is purchased separately or taken from a package (rental scuba equipment available).

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