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The Montego Bay Marine Park Excursion begins leaving shortly after 9:15 AM (meeting time), directly from our pier facing the dive center. It takes us a lovely 45 minute boat ride with beautiful views of the coast line.

When we arrive in Montego Bay, our first stop is the Montego Bay Marine Park, where we will do a 45min-1h guided snorkel tour. Meanwhile, divers do a deep dive at a reef called AIRPORT WALL (30m /100feet) within the Montego Bay MARINE PARK. After the dive the boat comes back to meet up with the non-divers.

1 pm is lunch time. We all have a lunch together at a restaurant right by the sea. Lunch is included and there are several dishes to choose from. After lunch there is some time to rest on the beach before we all leave together by boat to Margaretville! Here we take the pulse on Jamaica’s hottest tourist attraction, full of good vibes and music. Margaritaville also offers a perfect access to “Hip Strip”, where you can do your souvenir shopping. . “Hip Strip” is the tourist road with craft and t-shirt shops, café’s, ice-cream parlours etc.

The Montego Bay Marine Park Excursion finishes with the departure from Margaritaville and our trip back to the hotel, with reggae music and drinks on board.

We offer this Montego Bay Marine Park Excursion every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Montego Bay Marine Park Excursion

Montego Bay Marine Park Excursion and Tours

to the Montego Bay Marine Park

The Montego Bay Marine Park excursion offers incomparable abundance and quality of fish to divers!  Crystal clear blue waters that give you perfect detail as well as amazing distance views await you.
Diving in the hotel area in Montego Bay is already excellent! Top it up with one of our excursions to the Marine Park to round off a perfect diving vacation. This tour can also BE SHARED WITH TRAVEL PARTNERS THAT DO NOT DIVE.

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to the Montego Bay Marine Park

We are confident that the snorkeling excursion to the Montego Bay Marline Park is going to be one of the highlights of your vacation. The snorkeling reefs in the Park are considered among the very best in Jamaica.
A great snorkeling excursion for families and groups of friends! If you have travel companions going on our Montego Bay Park Diving Excursion this tour allows you to join them as both are organized together from the beginning to the end.

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Our tours welcome everyone!

WHEREVER YOU STAY you can join the Dressel Divers Montego Bay tours for scuba diving or snorkeling!
STAY AT ANY RESORT and simply hop over to our dive center to enjoy our Montego Bay Marine Park excursion!

Our Montego Bay Marine Park TOUR INCLUDES

• Boat trip from our Montego Bay dive center dock to the Montego Bay Marine Park, including unlimited beverages.
• FOR SNORKELERS: Professional snorkel guide, mask, snorkel, fins, snorkel vest, boat, crew and 1 snorkel session by boat and snorkeling off Cornwall Beach.
• FOR DIVERS: Same as for snorkelers plus professional dive guide, dive boat and crew for 1 dive. NOTE: This 1 dive is purchased separately or taken from a package (rental scuba equipment available).
• Visit by boat to Cornwall beach with beverages and lunch on the beach patio. Followed by a visit to the coastal town of Margaretville and the Hip Strip.

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    Practical information

    Incredible diving
    all year-round

    Average visibility:
    +115 feet (+35 meters)

    Coldest water temp.:
    78.8 ºF (26 ºC)

    Warmest water temp.:
    87.8ºF (31 ºC)

    Wetsuits (full) rentals:
    0.18 inch / 3mm

    Aluminum Tanks:
    80 cubic feet (12 liters)

    Full Tank:
    +/- 3,000 psi (200 bar)

    INT Connection:
    DIN Adapters available