Tours & Excursions in MEXICO
with Dressel Divers

Dressel Divers tours and excursions in Mexico have proven extremely popular over the years with most of our guests because of their variety and quality. We have more than one tour waiting for you in Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta.

The reefs near the hotels & resorts are great but do not give a complete picture of the natural wonders all around you. Our excursions widen the angle on everything worth seeing for a diver or snorkeler during your stay in Mexico.

Want to go pelagic in Mexico? From whale watching excursions to whale shark snorkeling tours and bull shark diving we will organize it for you. Tempted by the famous marine parks or cenote caverns in Mexico? Dressel Divers tours will take you there. Mexico is truly and excursions paradise for divers and snorkelers alike.

Many Dressel Divers excursions keep family and friends together for the whole trip only splitting up the groups in the water according to their preference for snorkeling or diving.

So join us for a great day of ocean fun beyond the gates of the hotel to make absolutely sure your vacation was as wonderful and complete as can be.

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COZUMEL Excursion & Tour with Dressel Divers
For Divers & Snorkelers

Come on excursion to Cozumel and feel like Jacques Cousteau for a day on the very famous reefs …

MARIETA ISLANDS Excursion & Tour with Dressel Divers
For Divers & Snorkelers

Scuba diving and snorkeling the renowned Marieta Islands on excursions with Dressel Divers will make …

Whale Shark snorkeling excursion and tour with Dressel Divers
For Snorkelers

Our whale shark snorkeling excursions take you swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea …

RIVIERA MAYA Diving Excursion with Dressel Divers
For Divers

The Riviera Maya Scuba Diving excursion offers guests staying in Cozumel the opportunity to discover two …

CENOTE Diving Excursion & Tour with Dressel Divers
For Divers

Be prepared to recover your regulator quickly during the Cenote diving excursion! It may fall out of your …

Bull Shark Diving excursions & tours with Dressel Divers
For Divers

Our bull shark diving excursion is a scuba dream come true for divers who want to experience a very thrilling …

WHALE WATCHING Excursion and Tour with Dressel Divers
For Everyone

Want to have a whale of a time? Join our Puerto Vallarta whale watching excursion and meet up with the …

RIVIERA MAYA Snorkeling Excursion with Dressel Divers
For Snorkelers

Get to know the best Riviera Maya snorkeling sites in one single half day excursion, including a cenote …

CATAMARAN Tour in Riviera Maya
in the Riviera Maya

With this Riviera Maya catamaran excursion ocean relaxation and action are guaranteed …

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