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Our bull shark diving excursion in Playa del Carmen  is a scuba dream come true for divers who want to experience a very thrilling dive. The Dressel Divers bull shark tour puts you face to face with these imposing animals and delivers a memorable adrenalin rush. Diving with them lets you meet up with wild sharks in their own turf and gives you a very close look at these imposing ocean inhabitants.

What brings them here? No worries! Not you, but perhaps like you the fresh water of the cenotes! Bull sharks can also swim in freshwater and seek its feeling. They are drawn to the freshwater cenotes pump out into the sea nearby the dive site and also the abundant food supply of fish and turtles in the area.

Don’t miss this amazing experience and enjoy diving with bull sharks in Mexico. Would you like to know more about bull shark diving? Check out THIS GREAT ARTICLE.


On Thursdays and Saturdays we offer these wonderful dive excursions and tours to swim with bull sharks. When? During winter months: November until mid-March.

No guarantee that we see the bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, but 99% of the time we do!

A video is worth a thousand words!
Bull Shark Excursion Video


WHEREVER YOU STAY you can join the Dressel Divers Bull Shark diving!
STAY AT ANY RESORT and board our Bull Shark tour transport right from it´s reception or agreed pick up point!

IF STAYING ON THE MAINLAND the bull shark dive is part of a one-tank dive (from our Playa del Carmen dive center) or a two-tank dive from (from our Playa Paraiso or Puerto Aventuras dive centers).
IF STAYING IN COZUMEL the excursions take you to the mainlaind where we do 1 dive with bull sharks. After lunch (included) we do 1 more dive at a great local site called Tortugas.
• NOTE: These 2 excursion dives are purchased separately or taken from a package (rental scuba equipment available).
FREE NITROX! If you are certified to do so, you can dive Nitrox EAN 32 for free (courses available before going on the excursion).


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    Available for Certified Scuba Divers
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