CATAMARAN Tour in Montego Bay

20% ONLINE DISCOUNT on superb catamaran tour in Montego Bay! Join us on the blue ocean surface of Montego Bay for a catamaran tour, you will remember as the highlight of your visit.  This Montego Bay catamaran excursion is perfect for those that want to mix pure nature, chilling out and sailing, snorkeling and natural swimming pools. Our spacious Catamaran lies in wait for you at our private pier, right in front of our Montego Bay dive center. So straight from there you will slowly sail the impressive turquoise lagoon with incredible views on the beaches and hilly green coastline.

The Dressel Divers Catamaran tour in Montego Bay is a true voyage into a Caribbean vacation poster, mixing the best of ocean, beach and lush country side in one great amazing tropical view! But you will not only sit and watch, you will also enjoy snorkeling the best reef in the area and bathe or wade in a natural swimming pool, ocean filled with crystal water. To guarantee everything is fantastic and not just the nature surrounding you, our professional boat crew and snorkel guide will take care of all your needs on board and in the water. We also include unlimited beverages with or without alcohol for you to sip on board or in the natural swimming pool.

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Catamaran Tour in Montego Bay
With Natural Pool Stop

Catamaran Tour in Montego Bay

The reef we visit snorkeling in Montego Bay are top rated for their natural beauty. Snorkeling these magic places is easy. You can simply fin along at the surface looking down at the shallow coral reef structures and all its amazing inhabitants, including turtles, rays and beautiful silver barracudas. You will soon feel like you are part of this amazing habitat full of friendly fish and creatures that welcome you swim among them and meet them face to face. The water temperature and visibility is fantastic and the swim with fins is in the refreshing water is simply the coolest break possible from the warm weather.  Leaving this place is not easy except you know a drink awaits you on the catamaran and the next stop is again an unforgettable ocean experience. Because from the snorkeling spot we cruise to a natural swimming pool, which is a wide area of shallow water in the sea where you can get off the catamaran to bathe in waist deep water or walk around on the sandy bottom, whilst sipping your refreshing drink and thinking this is like living inside a tropical vacation poster…if you choose the afternoon trip you enjoy a great sunset.

For all these reasons we are convinced that our Catamaran tour in Montego Bay will end up ranking right at the top of best things you did during your holiday.

Frequency: Every day except Sundays with minimum 4 participants.

  • Morning Time: 10:00 to 13:00 hours
  • Afternoon Time: 16:00 – 19:00 hours (15:00 – 18:00 hours in winter)

The afternoon trip is also a sunset cruise! The views from the sun setting over the ocean are truly unforgettable.

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Our tours welcome everyone!

WHEREVER YOU STAY you can join the Montego Bay tours for scuba diving or snorkeling!

STAY AT ANY RESORT and simply hop over to our dive center to enjoy our Catamaran Tour.

Our Catamaran TOUR in Montego Bay INCLUDES

  • Catamaran snorkeling trip leaving from the pier in front of the dive center.
  • One snorkeling session with equipment use included. Mask, fins, snorkel and vest.
  • Stop over in the natural swimming pool for a nice long break in a marvelous bay, with an incredible sunset if you take the afternoon tour.
  • Unlimited alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages

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