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Go snorkeling and visit the sea! The Caribbean is a great place to flip your flippers and snorkel over its many colorful reefs. Along the Caribbean coastlines snorkeling is one of our specialties.

With several snorkel shops to choose from we are likely exactly where you want us to be to participate in the best snorkeling activities a Caribbean vacation has to offer.

Every morning and afternoon our comfortable snorkel boats head out for an amazing snorkeling adventure. For about ten minutes we enjoy the view of the coastline and the white sand beaches of our gorgeous areas.

Once at the snorkel reef we gear up and get ready for entry in these blue lagoons! Forty five minutes of snorkeling in crystal clear shallow waters will refresh your vacations spirit. Following our guides along the reefs, we look for eels, octopus and all types of coral and colorful fish. Also sting rays and turtles!

With Dressel Divers snorkeling is not only fun but also very safe. With over two decades of experience in the field with snorkeling as one of our visitors preferred activity; we have an impeccable safety record.

Don´t wait! Go snorkel!

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