Water Sports in the Dominican Republic

Water Sports in the Dominican Republic are true across the ocean adventure. Rediscover the coastline of the Dominican Republic by doing water sports of all kinds. The wonderful beaches are the historical gateway to the Americas giving ocean activities in the Dominican Republic a very special twist while you parasail, banana ride, kayak, windsurf or hobby cat sail along them.

Because of the history, this coastline feels different and takes on added excitement while enjoying water sports. In the Dominican Republic, you just can’t help feeling some old Columbus-era shipwreck lies hidden below the surface somewhere very near you. All manner of Dominican Republic activities are waiting for you making its beaches and ocean your wild and wonderful water park.

Dominican Republic Water Sports & Activities

3 different locations to choose from!

Water Sports in
Punta Cana

Water Sports In

Water Sports in

Punta Cana

Join us for some extremely tropical water sports in Punta Cana and Bavaro. From the famous Astron wreck in Bavaro all the way to Punta Cana, this truly endless coconut palmed beach is a water sports paradise found.

Thirty kilometers of beach and blue lagoons, to parasail above and sail along! Depending on the time of the year, during you Punta Cana water activities you may also be privileged to see humpback whales splash their massive tail further out at sea.

Resting comfortably on your beach chair in front of the water sports center, you will be able to see the silhouette of the Astron wreck. Want a a closer view? just windsurf, hobby cat sail or kayak towards it. Or, go see it from the sky with the parasail, for sure one of the best activities water activities in Punta Cana.

water sports in the dominican republic - windsurfing

Punta Cana Surfing

There is some surfing at Macao beach and we can organize that for you. But windsurfing in Punta Cana is by far the most popular way of surfing over the ocean, right from the resort beaches. The sail will carry speed you along the longest beachfront in the country.

water sports in the dominican republic - parasailing

Parasail Punta Cana

Parasailing in Punta Cana is a great thing to do as a couple or with a family member or a friend because it can be done as a solo or tandem flight. Either way, you will love it up there flying along the most impressive beach and over blue lagoons and coral barriers.

water sports in the dominican republic - sailing

Sailing Punta Cana

Sailing is a great water sport wherever it is possible but Dominican Republic sailing has that extra XXX excitement to it because of the incredible poster-perfect tropical ocean conditions. This new world was discovered sailing.

water sports in the dominican republic - banana ride

Banana Boat
Punta Cana

The banana boat in Punta Cana is perfect because it is done inside the nice lagoons between the endless beach and the coral reef barrier a bit further out at sea. It’s the perfect ocean adventure to do as a group.

Water Sports in


Dressel Divers offers first-rate water sports in Bayahibe and La Romana. Bayahibe water sports options will exceed expectations and leave you pleasantly surprised, mixing ocean and sky activities such as parasailing for an incredible horizon view of the nearby Barcardi islands of Saona and Catalina.

As a gateway for the first European ships to navigate to the Americas, any water activities in Bayahibe will give you the feeling as though some undiscovered shipwreck lies hidden just below the surface you are sailing or kayaking on. And, there are plenty of modern wrecks to spot from the Parasail!

Calm seas and smooth breezes – all year round – make our Bayahibe activities the perfect thing to do to cool down from the hot beaches. Bayahibe truly unites all the conditions for a tremendous water sports vacation like no other! Join us and we will quickly convince you that you made the very best choice.

water sports in the dominican republic - windsurfing

Windsurfing in

Windsurfing in the Dominican Republic will make you feel like the most ecological and wind-powered person at the resort. You will zoom along the coast thinking what if I just kept going to those enchanting islands way over there? But don´t! That is a different tour we will take you on. Until then enjoy the thought just windsurfing.

water sports in the dominican republic - banana ride

Banana Boat

The banana boat in the Dominican Republic is one of the most popular rides for very good reasons. It’s the easiest and most economical way to see the coastline at an exciting speed and you can do it in groups. Perfect family fun or with friends out on the wide blue Caribbean sea facing your hotel.

water sports in the dominican republic - sailing

Sailing in

In the Dominican Republic, sailing on hobby cats is a very loved activity by hotel guests, because the coast line and lagoons are just perfect for this water sport. It is especially fun in Bayahibe because its shores are calm and protected by Saona Island that shields it from the open sea.

The Dominican Republic Sports and Activities Highlights.

A vacation is not a vacation without at least some water sports in the Dominican Republic. There are just so many water sports for you to choose from that for sure one of them will end up being the highlight of your visit to this great place.

Dressel Divers is renowned for offering Dominican Republic water sports vacations at superb price value, with a safety record and service guarantees very difficult, if not impossible to match.  With 5 different water sports to choose from: Parasailing, Kayaking, Banana rides, Windsurfing, Sailing, snorkeling, and diving, there is no way that you can get bored on the palm-lined beaches.

To top it all up, if you are a true water sports addict, we can package different non-motorized or motorized water sports together for you, including anything you want to do at one great all-inclusive rate. And yes! We can also include your hotel logging in the pack, so you enjoy an all-around complete Dominican Republic sports price deal.

Your part is just to think about all the Dominican Republic activities you long to enjoy during your vacation, and then let our staff pack them all together into one great all-inclusive resort package offer.

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    Activities and Water Sports in The Dominican Republic FAQ

    Dressel Divers is your top choice for several reasons. Its water sports in the Dominican Republic are run with extreme quality, safety, and service, not losing sight of anything important to guarantee this and cutting no corners in terms of costs.

    Not least that we have nearly three decades with an accident-free record as a result of our exceptional efforts with respect to criteria that we know are very important to you. Even so, our Dominican Republic water sports are generally priced at what is widely considered the best value for money. To be even more affordable we also offer our permanent 20% online discount.

    The staff you will meet at Dressel Divers are all very friendly top multi-lingual professionals that will help you get the most of the best outdoor activities in the Dominican Republic. They will even take you on full-day water sports excursions, to ensure you do not miss out on the very best in the country.

    Top water sports services require quality equipment and top brands, subject to ongoing monitoring and servicing. So this is what we offer and do. Our hobby cats, windsurf boards, kayaks, and all boats, and engines are all top quality and regularly maintenanced by our in-house mechanics based on the strictest quality standards.

    Moreover, Dressel Divers staff handling our sports and activities in the Dominican Republic, all have First Aid training.

    Safety is what we do best. We consider it our specialty! Dressel Divers has organized water sports in the Dominican Republic for close to three decades and with a spotless safety record and 0% accident rate. We manage such excellent safety levels because we are very serious when it comes to job training, equipment maintenance, and all-around accident prevention measures.

    We are in many hotels and resorts, but if you are staying in a different one that is not a problem. We can still organize Dressel Divers Mexico water sports for you with a half-day or full-day trip package that can even include lunch, unlimited drinks, and use of the resort’s beach, pool, and other facilities. Many of our customers and repeat guests join us to enjoy our services although they are staying in different hotels.

    Of all beach sports and activities in the Dominican Republic, the best is dancing all together to the rhythm of the local Merengue music knee-deep in the shallow light blue water near the edge of the beach. OK but that’s not really a water sport, or is it? Maybe in this country of music and dance, it is. In any case, all the water sports we offer are easy.

    There is a saying: “Age is a matter of mind, if you don´t mind it does not matter” that is quite appropriate for water sports in the Dominican Republic. If you are very young you feel like you just got a driving license out there on the ocean, and if you are old you will feel young. Of course, as with all sports, there is a relationship between health issues, individual skill and development, and at what age you can safely consider some water sports.