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Our Riviera Maya diving excursion offers guests staying in Cozumel the opportunity to discover two very exceptional mainland dives just a ferry ride across. As a diver you may think there is no reason to get off an island famous for its diving. But there is!

The Riviera Maya coastline offers scuba diving with more of the most impressive turtles on one single dive than on all your dives locally could ever add up. This incredible turtle alley is also a drift dive allowing you to float effortlessly from one turtle to the next. The very same current that carries you also ensures great dive visibility.

Before diving with the turtles we do a slightly deeper dive on the Mama Viña wreck.  In general you swim around the wreck, losing some depth every circle and those that want to can swim through a very spacious room with several wide exits. Many Barracudas, jacks and interesting schools of other fish usually hang around, especially in the vicinity of the mast.  Generally there is a lot of current making this a wreck dive very different from usual.

Frequency: Every Thursday

Riviera Maya Diving Tour

Available from our Cozumel Dive Center

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Every day upon request, except for Sundays

Thursdays and Saturdays from November to mid-March

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from early June to mid-September


Incredible diving
all year-round.
Average visibility:
+75 feet (+25 meters)
Coldest water temp.:
78.8 ºF (26 ºC)
Warmest water temp.:
87.8ºF (31 ºC)
Wetsuits (full) rentals:
1,2 inch / 3mm
Aluminum Tanks:
80 cubic feet (12 liters)
Full Tank :
+/- 3,000 psi (200 bar)
INT Connection,
DIN Adapters available

Our tours welcome everyone!

WHEREVER YOU STAY on Cozumel Island you can join the Dressel Divers Riviera Maya scuba diving tour!

STAY AT ANY COZUMEL RESORT and join our Riviera Maya excursion transport right from it’s reception or agreed pick up point.

Our Riviera Maya dive TOUR INCLUDES

  • Transportation between your hotel or agreed pick up point and the Cozumel ferry dock.
  • Ferry to the mainland and transport from there to our Playa del Carmen dive center.
  • Two dives. A first dive on the Mama Viña wreck. A second dive on Tortugas reef. Tortugas means turtles in plural, because there are many.
  • Professional dive guide, dive boat and crew for 2 dives. NOTE: These 2 dives are purchased separately or taken from a package (rental scuba equipment available).
  • FREE NITROX! If you are certified to do so, you can dive Nitrox EAN 32 for free (courses available before going on the excursion).

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