CATAMARAN Tour in the Riviera Maya
with Dressel Divers

20% ONLINE DISCOUNT on our top catamaran tour in The Riviera Maya! Join us to explore the clear blue coastline of the Riviera Maya with our catamaran tour.  With this Riviera Maya catamaran excursion, relaxation and action are guaranteed, because we not only chill out and cruise with the breeze, but also include a fabulous snorkeling and natural swimming pool stop. Our catamaran leaves straight from the beach or private pier, facing our Riviera Maya dive centers, in Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras. So embarking is fast and easy followed by a calm and slow sailing cruise along the lagoons and reef dotted coastline of the Riviera Maya

The Dressel Divers Catamaran tour in the Riviera Maya is the most superb ocean get away! Apart from enjoying the best coastal views from the comfort of our spacious catamaran with a drink in your hand, you will also go snorkeling on a great Caribbean reef and bathe and wander through a natural ocean swimming pool in waist deep water. Throughout the cruise, our very professional boat crew and snorkel guide will be 100% focused on taking care of you, and make sure you are never without a drink when chilling out on the catamaran or in the natural swimming pool. The excursion includes free snorkel equipment use and unlimited beverages with or without alcohol.

Catamaran Excursion in the Riviera Maya Video

Catamaran Tour in the Riviera Maya
with Natural Pool Stop

Dressel Divers
Catamaran Tour in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is known for the quality of its snorkeling sites and those reefs we visit are considered among the best of the best. They offer an easy ocean window for an amazing view on the corals and living beings below.  Snorkeling is easy for all.  Just fin or float along looking down on the marvels, easily breathing through the snorkel. If you want a real close look, just hold your breath and dive down. The reef is shallow and the school of fish so welcoming, you will soon feel like a part of their marine life, including turtles, rays and shiny barracudas.

The visibility is famous for its excellence and so is the tropical water temperature.  All feels perfect and so you do not really want to leave this place, except you know another very special activity is planned. So, we board the catamaran to sail and glide over the ocean, chilling out with drink in hand, to a nearby natural swimming pool. This unique spot, built by nature, at a beautiful secluded location along the coastline invites you to get of the boat and bathe, wade and walk about in waist deep water with a sandy bottom, whilst enjoying another drink and thinking the ocean has never felt better…

We are pretty sure that our Catamaran tour in the Riviera Maya should be on your vacation bucket list and that you will consider it one of the very best adventures of your holiday.

Frequency: Every day with minimum 4 participants.

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Our tours welcome everyone!

WHEREVER YOU STAY you can join the Catamaran Excursion in the Riviera Maya!
STAY AT ALMOST ANY RESORT and board our Catamaran excursions transport right from its reception or other agreed pick up point, should the former not be possible!

Our Catamaran TOUR in the Riviera Maya INCLUDES

  • With exceptions, transfer directly from your hotel or agreed pick up point to our Mexican Dive Centers (please consult).
  • Catamaran snorkeling trip leaving from the beach or pier in front of the dive center.
  • One snorkeling session with equipment use included. Mask, fins, snorkel and vest.
  • Stop over in the natural swimming pool for a nice long break in a marvelous bay.
  • Unlimited alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages
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