Best Caribbean Water Sports Vacations Ever

Water Sports for ocean lovers!  Make the ride worth the travel with Dressel Divers Caribbean water sports. Greater than great Caribbean watersports activities are waiting for you in every one of our locations. We guarantee Caribbean water sports vacations with a dazzling array of ocean adventures right from your hotel beach.


6 different water sports to choose from!

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Caribbean water sports - parasailing

Caribbean Parasailing

For sure one of the best Caribbean water sports to choose. Take to the skies with a parasailing ride and enjoy an unparalleled view of your vacation hangout. You will see everything, maybe even a dolphin cruising just below the transparent surface!

caribbean water sports - jet_skiing

Jet Skiing

Go jet skiing for a holiday ride to remember! Escape from the hot beach on a cool jet ski! In many of its destinations, Dressel Divers offers this very exciting Caribbean water activity. Hop on your ocean Harley Davidson with just your swimming trunks.

Caribbean water sports - banana ride

Banana Boats Water Sports

Ride the ocean front on a great big yellow banana! Due to its popularity, in most Dressel Divers destinations, it is available leaving straight from the beach. The perfect Caribbean watersport to enjoy as a group, with friends and family. Get wet!

water sports in the caribbean - windsurfing

Caribbean Windsurfing

Gone with the windsurf! Want to sail? Want to Surf? How about both in one? Windsurfing combines two exhilarating feelings, that of sailing and that of surfing. One of the best Caribbean activities for those that believe in wind power.

water sports in the caribbean - kayaking

Caribbean Kayaking

Let your arms take you for a walk with our sea kayaks! A beach vacation is a perfect moment to enjoy this most popular of Caribbean water sports. It offers a fantastic workout, or you can just float around like a duck on a pond, with great coastal views.

Caribbean water sports - sailing

Sailing In the Caribbean

Fancy Sailing on a Big Sunbed? Don’t just watch the hobby catamarans sailing along the azure horizon go get one and join them. Water sports vacations simply are not complete without some hobby cat sailing.

Caribbean Water Sports Destinations

Combine the most exciting Caribbean watersports with our paradisical locations. There is no waterpark or Aqualand greater than the ocean itself. The opportunities for excitement are wide and wonderful. Enjoy them with the guarantee of our more than 28 years of professional management of non-motorized and motorized water sports in the Caribbean.

Find Dressel Divers’ top-notch Caribbean activities in these 3 different Countries: Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. Take advantage of our superior facilities and professional sports instructors and enjoy a remarkable water sports vacation. Escape from the hot beaches to cool down on the ocean with the coolest of activities.

Dressel Divers is located in the very best Caribbean water sports resorts with a wide-ranging selection of 5-star Iberostar, Barceló, and Hard Rock hotels. All of them with the bright blue ocean right at the tip of your toes. No other Caribbean resorts with water sports make it that easy to have a fantastic time every time you hit the beach.

Water Sports in Mexico

The Riviera Maya in Mexico is a Caribbean water sports Paradise. Water is everywhere, not just that of the azure blue sea but also inland in the world-famous Cenotes, with crystal clear water for snorkeling among stalactites and stalactites or to go ziplining over their jungle ponds.

Water Sports in Jamaica

Jamaica is by definition the ideal place for Caribbean water sports vacations. The island is bathing right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, and has the perfect climate and ocean opportunities for all year long water adventures. In a close by bay the water is even luminous at night. Come see this miracle!

Dominican Republic Activities

With more miles of palm-lined beach than the eyes can see, the Dominican Republic is a 100% natural Caribbean Watersports destination. The views from the parasail, banana boat, or windsurf board are like 360-degree perfect Bacardi island posters with you right at the center in action. Every day is watersports day with the great all-year-long water temperatures.

Dressel Divers Caribbean Water Sports Highlights

Dressel Divers offers great price value water sports vacations, with unsurpassed safety and service guarantees. We can even package together all your planned non-motorized or motorized water sports in the Caribbean, including snorkeling or diving, for one great rate.

What’s more, your hotel logging can also be included in the package, so you enjoy a super Caribbean sports price value deal. Just imagine all the very best Caribbean water activities you are dreaming of in one great all-inclusive resort package deal, and then contact us to make it happen.

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Surfing and Sailing Courses

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    Caribbean Water Sports FAQ

    At Dressel Divers we know that at one point you will want to jump off your beach chair for some fun Caribbean water activities and so we have plenty of options waiting for you. Just choose. Your kids and their friends will enjoy them more than anyone. Children love the water and everything to do with it. We have many Caribbean activities open to them also.

    Try varied Caribbean sports such as parasailing to see the ocean from the sky and Jet Ski rentals or banana rides to cruise its blue surface. If it is fun and all to do with the ocean you can count on Dressel Divers to offer it, although activities available may vary slightly from one destination to another due to local limitations or regulations.

    For those wanting to submerge below the surface of the ocean and feel totally at home there, we offer scuba diving trips and courses. For those interested in viewing the sea flora and fauna more from its surface with the occasional swim down we also have a wide selection of snorkeling opportunities.

    Enjoy parasailing, jet skiing, or banana rides to see the ocean from the sky or surface. We have plenty of Caribbean sports options waiting for you, also including hobby cat sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking. So, don´t doubt just jump off your beach chair for some fun water sports.

    We all think, what if I could fly up like a bird? So, the greatest Caribbean water sport of all (except scuba diving of course 😊) has to be parasailing. Come feel like a pelican gliding over the ocean! Jet Skiing comes in a close second and there are more great contenders.

    Safety is our specialty, offering water sports vacations for close to three decades, and maintaining an immaculate safety record with a 0% accident rate. To achieve this, we rely on rigorous equipment maintenance, job training, and accident prevention measures.

    Could I book my Caribbean water activities if I stay in another resort?

    If you are staying at another hotel we can organize a Caribbean water sports day trip for you, friends, and family with a day package that includes lunch, unlimited drinks, and use of the resort’s beach, pool, and other facilities.

    All Caribbean watersports are easy, but the least easy is windsurfing. There is no sitting down and you have to perfectly balance your body against the wind. The wind will listen to your every move as it does to the wings of a bird, and you will learn to listen to the wind.

    It’s never too early to get kids used to Caribbean water activities to ensure they enjoy water sports for the rest of their life.  Of course, this is dependent on individual skill and development and the sport. Similarly, when to stop will be dependent on ability and health.