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Water Sports for ocean lovers! In all its destinations Dressel Divers offers many water sport activities (*) for you to enjoy. At Dressel Divers we know that at one point you will want to jump off your beach chair for some fun water sports and so we have plenty of options waiting for you. Just choose.

Your kids and their friends will enjoy them more than anyone. Children love the water and everything to do with it. We have many water sport activities open to them also.

For those wanting to submerge below the surface of the ocean and feel totally at home there, we offer scuba diving trips and courses. For those interested in viewing the sea flora and fauna more from its surface with the occasional swim down we also have a wide selection of snorkeling opportunities.

If it is fun and all to do with the ocean you can count on Dressel Divers to offer it, with very few exceptions. Try varied water sports such as parasailing to see the ocean from the sky and the Jet Ski rentals or banana rides to cruise its blue surface.

(*) Activities available may vary slightly from one destination to another due to local limitations or regulations.

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