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Hop over for some splendid scuba diving in Majorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands. Here your dive will be joined by barracudas, octopus, moray eels, jacks, and grouper. In addition this side of Majorca, scuba diving takes you along some of the best underwater walls on the island.

Our dive shop is located in one of the better areas for scuba diving in Majorca: Cala Barca with many bays, coves, caverns, and tunnels inhabited by wrasse, goatfish, cardinal fish, damsel fish, blennies, gobies, and starfish. Sites such as La Calita, a precious beach hidden between the rocks, or Ariana’s Rock, are areas in which you can easily find octopus, moray eels, barracudas, nudibranchs, sea hares and also sting rays. For those who want to enjoy the night life in the Baleares, we also offer a spectacular night dive, during which you will be able to observe many octopus on their full nocturnal hunt. We do them on request, but in high season this will normally add up to about once per week.

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Majorca offers much more than scuba diving but non divers undoubtedly miss out on a big submerged part of the Balearic Islands. So if you are not a diver yet why not start scuba diving in Majorca, a fantastic place to discover the Mediterranean underwater world.

In this area great dive sites are located near the shore, as often the case in Mallorca, so all dives are organized as shore dives, directly from the cala of the hotel, or by transfer to one of the other nearby calas. In our other destinations we cannot offer shore dives to our guests as the sites are way too far out, but here shore dives are the standard offer, with entry and exit right in crystal clear waters of the beautiful calas. So this is not your more typical Dressel Divers dive center, rather much smaller scale and more like a family run dive center, run by long standing and very trustworthy associates.

Hotel & Resort Diving In Majorca

Iberostar Cozumel

We have a dive center DIRECTLY INSIDE the

**** Iberostar Cala Barca

Sa Barca Trancada, s/n, Santany, 75600 Mallorca, Spain

VISIT & DIVE outings can be arranged with and incredible number of other resorts throughout this area of Majorca!


Not staying at the Iberostar Hotel, but would like to dive or take diving courses with Dressel DiversNo problem. We are open to the general public.

STAY AT ANY RESORT and simply hop over to our dive center to join us for some dives!

ALL-IN Transfers

Want to spend a full day at the resort? Sign up for an ALL-IN visit which includes lunch (buffet), unlimited drinks and use of the beach, pool and facilities.

Hotels at Transfer Distance

Sign up for a transfer & dive with Dressel Divers! A number of resorts are within easy transfer distance! Why not join us with a VISIT & DIVE transfer arrangement (exceptions may apply).

  • Note: Diving equipment can be stored overnight at Dressel´s dive center. 
Estimated transfer time from: Minutes
Alejandria 30-40
Barcelo Cala Viña 50-60
Belsana 30-35
Catalonia Colombo 50-60
H10 Punta Negra 60
Iberostar Playa de Muro 70
Ipanema park 30
Isla de Cabrera 40
Marriot 45
Melia Palas Atenea 45
Oasis Punta Amer 50-60
Piñero Tal 35-45
Tropical Park 35-40

Scuba Diving in Majorca

Diving season
1 May to 31 Oct.
Average visibility
+66 feet (20 meters)
Coldest water temp.
14 ºC (57.2 ºF)
Warmest water temp.
28 ºC (82.4 ºF)
Rental Wetsuits
Shorty & Full between
1 and 7mm / 0,04 and 0,28 inch
Steel Scuba Tanks
5, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 15 liters
(35, 49, 56 , 70, 80 & 105 cubic feet)
Full Tank
200 bar (3,000 psi)

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