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Are you looking for the best PADI scuba diving internship or apprenticeship to become a PADI Professional FOR FREE? Then you have come to the right web site. Dressel Divers is a pioneer and has successfully run professional PADI dive internships for well over a decade in its many diving location.

We offer two types of PADI diving internship which can be combined also, by completing the first and then the second, with a break in between or immediatly.

  • PADI Divemaster internships including a totally free PADI Divemaster Course, and all prior courses and dives needed for this.
  • PADI Instructor internships including a totally free PADI Instructor course and all dives required for this level.

Both these scuba internships includes all required dives, training, materials, and equipment use. As an intern & apprentice you alls get daily lodging and breakfast and lunch (in many of our destinations even dinner) and more for free.

For more info on the internships please do not hesitate to contact us on and in case you want to apply send us a resume (C.V.) and two daily life pictures, one full person and one portrait.

You need to be 18 years or older, be able to swim and feel very comfortable in water and, be in good physical health with no medical contraindications for diving. Married or non-married couples are welcome. If you still are not a certified diver this is not a problem. Most important of all, you need to have a great love for the sea and its inhabitants.

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