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Discover the pleasures of snorkeling in the Dominican Republic where the sun lights up the reef! Snorkel over the shallow reefs and mix beauty with relaxation. In the Dominican Republic snorkeling sites are easily reached with short boat trips along palmed beaches and lagoons. Fins, mask and snorkel are all you need to enjoy this very refreshing vacation sport.

Snorkeling in the Dominican Republic allows you to explore the very coastline first discovered by Christopher Columbus.  So snorkeling one is naturally tempeted to feel some undiscovered shipwreck from that period may very well lie in hidding nearby.

The snorkel sites in the Dominican Repbulic offer the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters full of friendly fish that welcome you on to their wonderfull reef. The water temperature is also prefect for this activity, all year round. For sure the snorkeling will be one of the most vivid and colorfull memories of your vacation in the Dominican Republic.

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People & Culture

Come and rediscover the Dominican Republic first discovered by Christopher Columbus.  This country brings together everything for a truly fantastic vacation. Dominican people, culture, history, nature and food all combine to enchant your stay.  It all started here, the first island settled by Europeans in the Americas. The Colonial Zone in the capital, Santo Domingo, and many other places in the Dominican Republic are a trip into this past.  The first Cathedral in the Americas, the first monastery, first university, first hospital and the list goes on.

Nature & Monuments

Merengue and Bachata are heard everywhere in a country where dancing comes as natural as walking. The Dominicans are very happy people and like to show of this happiness by their constant smile and open friendliness. But of course you primarily go for the beaches and palm trees. Here too the Dominican Republic stands out from the crowd.  The beaches are endless with coconut palms as far as the eye can see, and no construction much higher than them to make sure the views are perfect.  Most beaches are protected by long stretches of reefs perfect for snorkeling. Inland nature is also amazing; with very green country side, dotted by houses of all colors in the rainbow and the highest mountain range in Central America.


Their cuisine is the result of a historical mix between African and Spanish influence adjusted to abundant local vegetables and fruits. Sancocho (commonly called the national flag) is a stew that brings it all together in one, mixing different meats with beans, plantains and yams.  The surrounding sea is source of an amazing variety of seafood for you to enjoy while watching it from a beach restaurant. Dominicans love there fruit and so will you. Try the battidas (local milk shakes, with or without milk).

Currency: Dominican Peso (RD$). The US Dollar (US$) and Euro are very accepted
Official time
UTC – 5
Official language
Spanish. English is understood well in many areas.
ElectricityVoltage and plug type: 110 V. The plugs have 2 flat prongs.