Catalina Island Excursions & Tours
with Dressel Divers

Our Catalina Island excursion and tour is totally focused on diving and snorkeling along shores visited by one of the most famous people in history. The island was baptized “Santa Catalina” by none other than Christopher Columbus. Unlike most excursions to Catalina Island this tour offers the unique chance to experience its most famous underwater views with the help of staff truly specialized in diving and snorkeling.

The tours are fantastic for BOTH DIVERS & SNORKELERS because all day long it keeps friends and families together on the boat and for lunch, with the exception of the reef visits, where divers briefly split away, for example to go deeper along the famous Catalina Island wall.

On the trip back, we take you for a boat cruise on the famous Chavon River. You will enjoy incredible views on the banks and steep hills bordering this the river while sipping a cool drink. The river is a protected tropical area lush with impressive nature and the Altos de Chavon village nested right on the edge of a cliff.

Catalina Island Tours


Catalina Island Excursion for Divers


The Catalina Island diving excursions take you to the THE WALL a spectacular drop-off. From the beach, a gentle slope leads towards the wall, plunging rather steeply into the deep. Every square inch /centimeter of this plateau and wall is covered with sponges and hard or soft coral. The depth of the terrace varies from 1.5 to 6 meters, which guarantees plenty of “safety stop” time on the way back from the deeper wall.
The name of the next dive site says it all. Incredibly healthy coral formations await you on the almost flat sandy bottom. Yellow stingrays, lobsters, moray eels, angelfish, grunts, snappers, soldier fish and trunkfish are only part of its attraction. Huge vase and barrel sponges hide stone crabs and “sea spiders”.  This tour can also BE SHARED WITH TRAVEL PARTNERS THAT DO NOT DIVE.

Catalina Island Excursions for Snorkelers


The Catalina Island snorkeling excursions offer the opportunity to see some of the most fantastic reefs in the country.  This is your opportunity to cruise along with our spacious boat in view of amazing tropical beaches in their original state as Catalina Island has no constructions other than some colorful huts with palmed roofs. The turquoise waters bordering the island are a snorkeler’s paradise.
As a snorkeler you enjoy not only the landside views of this amazing natural park but also its surrounding underwater world giving you a complete picture of this virgin tropical island. If you have diving companions that came with you this is the perfect tour because apart from being organized together from the beginning to the end, on the Catalina Wall you can actually be in the water together and see much of the same reef.

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Our tours welcome everyone!

WHEREVER YOU STAY you can join the Dressel Divers Catalina Island tour for scuba diving or snorkeling!
STAY AT ALMOST ANY RESORT and board our Catalina Island tour transport right from it´s reception or other agreed pick up point, should the former not be possible!

Our Catalina Island TOURS INCLUDE

• With exceptions, transfer directly from your hotel or agreed pick up point to our Bayahibe Dive center (please consult).
• Boat trip to the reefs of Catalina island leaving directly from our dive center pier, including unlimited beverages.
• Unlimited beverages and buffet lunch at a private restaurant on the banks of the Chavon River, followed by a boat cruise on the Chavon River.
• FOR SNORKELERS: Professional snorkel guide, mask, snorkel, fins, snorkel vest, boat, crew and 2 snorkeling sessions on 2 different reefs.
• FOR DIVERS: Professional dive guide, dive boat and crew for 2 dives. NOTE: These 2 dives are purchased separately or taken from a package (rental scuba equipment available).

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    Practical information

    Incredible diving
    all year-round

    Average visibility:
    +115 feet (+35 meters)

    Coldest water temp.:
    78.8 ºF (26 ºC)

    Warmest water temp.:
    87.8ºF (31 ºC)

    Wetsuits (full) rentals:
    0.18 inch / 3mm

    Aluminum Tanks:
    80 cubic feet (12 liters)

    Full Tank :
    +/- 3,000 psi (200 bar)

    INT Connection,
    DIN Adapters available