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Mechanic Employment

We offer Mechanics jobs for those that enjoy a career in the outdoors and travel related. We would like to consider you for mechanic employment related to marine engines and air compressors in one of our exotic destinations. Your work as a Dressel Divers Mechanic will move you among our workshop and the hotel complexes where our boats and compressors are located.

Although your area of employment will include mainly maintenance and repair of boat engines, over time the job will also include air compressors, company vehicles and in some areas perhaps even dive equipment. With Dressel Divers, apart from having a very interesting mechanic job in a tropical destination, you will also become a specialist in dealing with the entire mechanics typical of a dive center.

For more details on a mechanic career with Dressel Divers, please click the contact section and send us a resume (C.V.) with 2 daily life pictures, 1 full person and 1 portrait.

Mechanic Jobs
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Prerequisites for a career in Mechanic employment.

Necessary Credentials

First and foremost we require a strong ability and understanding of engines, based on studies and practical experience as a mechanic in any field. You need to speak at least English or Spanish to communicate with our captains and have a valid driving license to be able to move between dive centers with our pick-up truck!

Usefull Credentials

If initially you have little experience or no experience with inboard and outboard boat engines that is not a problem as long as you have a strong understanding and ability with engines in general. Nevertheless if you do have such experience from previous jobs that is very welcome. Similarly if you have experience with compressors that is very helpfull also.

Job options for partners:

We also have opportunities on our team for Public Relations that speak English and at least one second language. So if you have a partner of wife equally interested in joining us, please invite them to contact us also.

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    Mechanic Job Testimonial

    I found Dressel Divers a job site and soon received an email they were interested in hiring me. A day later I filled out the form of the company, I spoke to the company’s President, Mr. Javier Ibran, who asked a few more questions and then invited me to Mexico where I would be welcomed to demonstrate my experience as a mechanic. A week later I was already in the Dominican Republic to play my role as mechanic and later on promoted to the position of maintenance boss. When I was hired I had in mind to stay in the company for two years maximum but liked it so much I’ve been here six years.

    Jonas R


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