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Our SDI & PADI* scuba diving courses for beginners will take you weightlessly onto the reef to swim like the fish alongside you. All dive courses imparted by Dressel Divers in its destinations are easy, fun, and safe, and will give you permanent access to the wonders of the underwater world!

Beyond doubt, the very best option is to get certified straight away as an SDI & PADI* Open Water Diver or Scuba Diver.  Not enough time for a full certification program? No problem. We also offer the Discover Scuba Diving Courses, a resort course that allows you to enjoy the reef with minimum training.

It’s also your kid’s vacation and they always want to do something fun.  So of we have plenty of diving things going on for your children. Among them are all the above courses in the junior version and also the Bubblemaker Program.

Half of what there is to see on your vacation is underwater! Diving lets you connect with nature and excites your senses.  Don’t just look at the ocean from your beach chair, go visit! We offer all-level courses for beginners to take you there.

Yes!!! The 20% online prepayment discount is applicable to courses (except in Mallorca where it is 15% and Punta de Mita – Puerto Vallarta with 10%).

*Our students predominantly choose SDI, so PADI courses are organized on special request only.



PADI_Open_Water_Diver_ scuba diving Courses for beginnersThe Open Water Diver courses are a certification course for a lifetime of independent diving! Internationally recognized the Open Water Diver certification is the most popular and complete course in the world.

These are adequate courses for those who want to make diving a new lifestyle and hobby, diving and discovering marine beauty around the world. These certifications allow you the freedom to dive without needing the company of a professional.

Also, once you have completed these courses you are immediately eligible to start the Adventure Diver Courses or Advanced Diver.

The course includes the use of dive equipment, your study materials, your certification card, 5 theory modules with video, 5 pool modules, and 4 boat dives.

You pick your days and times for the pool sessions and dives on-site. We are flexible, we are in your hotel and you have lots of time at your disposal…You are on vacation!

10 years old and good health
3 or 4 days(approx. 18-20 hrs)


PADI Scuba Diver Courses for beginnersThe Scuba Diver Courses, are a certification course offering a lifetime of guided diving! This “sub-program” of the Open Water Diver Courses grants a basic certification with which you will be able to dive at any time.

The only difference with the Open Water Diver is that you will always have to dive under the supervision of a dive professional and you cannot subscribe to Advanced Diver Courses, limiting your depth to 40 feet / 12 meters.

The Scuba Diver program is a pre-entry level certification that is perfect for vacationers or people who only plan to dive a couple of times a year.

Nevertheless for those that have the time we do recommend the two extra pool modules and dives to attain straight away the more complete Open Water Diver level.

The courses include the use of dive equipment, your study materials, your certification card, 3 theory modules with video, 3 pool modules and 2 boat dives.

You pick your days and times for the pool sessions and dives on-site. We are flexible.

10 years old and good health
2 days(approx. 10-12 hrs)

DSD Resort Courses

PADI_Discover_Scuba Diving courses for begginersDiscover Scuba Diving is simply the best resort course! It does not provide a certification, but it will enable you to resort dive with us during your complete stay.

The DSD program allows you to experience the thrill of diving under close supervision of our professional dive staff, in the ideal conditions that your holiday destination has to offer.

With the DSD training, you may do shallow dives, up to a maximum depth of  40 feet / 12 meters, allowing you to enjoy the hidden beauty of the sea facing the beach.

During your DSD adventure, you will come to grips with some basic concepts and skills of diving before going on your ocean dive.

The Courses include: 1 theory module, and pool session, 1 boat dive.

Discover Scuba Diving is a great way to try diving for a while but beyond doubt, the very best option is to get certified straight away as a Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver.

10 years old and good health
1 days


Bubblemaker_CourseKids Diving Programs! In all our dive destinations your kids are welcome to start diving with the Bubblemaker program or get certified straight away with one of our junior dive certifications.

For young adventurers like your kids, the Bubblemaker program is an introduction to the emotions of diving and breathing underwater.

If your child is 8 or 9 years of age, now is their chance to take the plunge with a professional coach right by their side and go POOL DIVING. Let´s make some bubbles!

Junior dive certifications starting (10 years +)

After turning 10, they are allowed to start a dive certification course, such as the Junior Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver. From 12 years on they can also progress to do the Junior Adventure or Advanced Diver Course.

Clearly age permitting the junior dive certification courses are the best options for your kids to go scuba diving, for there much wider level of training and because they will love to show their real diver certification cards to friends once back home.

8 & 9 years olds
2 hours

Referral courses

PADI Referral CoursesFinish your referral courses with Dressel Divers!  In all our dive centers we can organize for you to finish your Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver courses starting from any point at which you came to a halt back home or on a previous vacation, including theory or pool. Or you simply prefer to finish you course with us en warmer waters.

With our Referral courses we can complete everything you still need to earn your certification. We also accept referrals from all the different universal diving organizations.

Please bring all your referral documentation, including logbook, to support what you have completed so far, filled out and signed off by the initial Instructor.

This documentation is valid for a year. If it is more than 6 months old, you will have to do a theory review. There is no extra charge for that.

10 years old and good health + referral paperwork
Dependent on amount of modules

More info

Course season
extends all year!
Average visibility:
+35 meters (+115 feet)
Coldest water temp.:
78.8 ºF (26 ºC)
Warmest water temp.:
87.8ºF (31 ºC)

Everyone can join Dressel Divers


STAY at a resort with a Dressel dive shop on the premises, where you can board a Dressel boat and DIVE DIRECTLY from the hotel beach!


Staying somewhere else but want to discover or learn diving with Dressel Divers?

Join us by organizing a daily VISIT & DIVE transfer (exceptions may apply).

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eLearning with Dressel Divers

Both the Open Water Courses and Scuba Diver Courses have a theory section that consists mainly of reading a very interesting manual on the basics of diving and watching some classroom videos.

This can easily be done during your vacation or should you prefer CAN ALSO BE COVERED BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL with eLearning, from the comfort of your home, with a computer, laptop or tablet.

If you sign up and complete the eLearning before your arrival, during your actual holiday you will only be left with the pool and the ocean diving parts of the courses.

eLearning can be especially attractive for kids wanting to complete the junior certification versions of these courses, as they love everything computer and internet-related and may find it easier to concentrate on the reading without the holiday distractions.


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