Water Sports in Jamaica

The wild array of water sports in Jamaica, like the beat of the reggae, will quickly make you feel alright! Welcome to an island floating right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Surrounded by calm blue water on all sides, of all the wonderful activities in Jamaica, water sports are logically among the most important for those with one love for the ocean.

Parasailing, banana rides, kayaking from the beach or in mangroves, snorkeling on reefs or in luminous lagoons, sailing or windsurfing, and of course wonderful diving. There are so many reasons more and more water sports enthusiasts consider Jamaica one of the best vacation spots to flock to and have a bunch of beach and ocean fun.

Activities in

Montego Bay

Dressel Divers water sports in Montego Bay provides guests with a Caribbean perfect choice of ocean activities. We have waiting for you every water sports adventure the Montego Bay coastline naturally allows for. If its to do with water and it´s possible Dressel Divers Montego Bay is doing it!

Seeing is believing so come see this water world paradise. Ocean activities in Montego Bay have an extra feel to them, because of the plantation dotted, rolling hills, that line this riviera like coastline.  You see them from the Parasail flying high, riding the banana and simply sailing along on a hobby cat or windsurf.

Our water sports services are particularly appreciated in a 100% tropical place like Montego Bay with so many quality water activities that visitors literally want to do it all and try too!  Everything just comes to getter here for an active ocean adventure yet very relaxing vacation.

water sports in jamaica - kayaking

Jamaica Kayaking

Jamaica kayaking opportunities include not only the ocean but also the mangroves. Our mangrove kayaking excursion will bring you in 100% natural contact with this amazing habitat.

water sports in jamaica - windsurfing

Surfing Montego Bay

Thinking of surfing in Montego Bay? Then it would better be windsurfing because the Caribbean Sea on this side of the island is generally much too calm for real surfing fans.

water sports in jamaica - parasailing

Parasailing In Montego Bay

With a mostly cloudless sky as wide and blue as the Caribbean Sea facing you, Montego Bay parasailing is the way to take it all in.  Look up or look down its all a wonderful summer blue.

water sports in jamaica - sailing

Montego Bay Jamaica Boat Rentals

Looking for boat rentals in Montego Bay, Jamaica? Try our amazing big sailing catamaran for the very best private Montego Bay activity: A sunset cruise.

water sports in jamaica - banana

Banana ride In Montego Bay

Banana riding is many visitors’ favorite out of all activities in Jamaica done from the beach because it’s easy, economical, and can be done together with a bunch of friends.

Dressel Divers' Water Sports In Jamaica Highlights

Your vacation expectations will be surpassed, not just met, with our water sports in Jamaica. A very adventurous choice of ocean activities is already lined up for you at the palm-lined beach facing our dive center We guarantee a Jamaica water sports vacation at excellent price value, with the very best safety and service guarantees in the area.

With several water sports to choose from you will never be bored in this paradise: Parasailing, Kayaking, Banana rides, Windsurfing, Sailing, snorkeling, and diving will keep you going with ocean excitement. Package deals are also available, that consolidate several water sports activities together at one special price, including snorkeling or scuba diving.

Even your hotel stay can be included if you book it through our reservations department making way for one a super all-inclusive price on choice Dressel Divers Jamaica water activities plus stay.

Just make your wish list of the activities in Jamaica you do not want to miss out on and contact our Reservations Department to help you put it all perfectly together in one great all-inclusive resort package guaranteeing a dream vacation full of water fun with everything planned well before you pack your suitcase.

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    Jamaica Water Activities FAQ

    Dressel Divers is the perfect choice for water sports in Jamaica because our reputation tends to precede us as a dive center extremely focused on quality, safety and service, sparing no efforts or costs to guarantee this, and almost three decades with an impressive water sports accident-free record.

    Although we focus on providing maximum quality and safety, our Jamaica water sports prices are perfectly affordable and still considered the best value for money, not the least because or our super appreciated 20% online discount.

    Our water sports centers are manned by multi-lingual professionals of outstanding reputation. They will ensure you enjoy the very best local outdoor activities in Jamaica, and even half day to full-day water sports excursions, all to guarantee you do not miss out on anything, like for example the luminous lagoon.

    We only use top brand water sports equipment, and continually monitor it for servicing or maintenance. All employees handling our sports and activities in Jamaica, are also required to have First Aid medical training.

    Last but not least all parasail boats, snorkeling and dive boats are top quality vessels with state of the art double engines for extra security and regularly maintenanced by our in-house mechanics.

    We can offer the strongest safety procedures possible because we are extremely serious when it comes to equipment maintenance, job training, and accident prevention measures. Safety is like our second brand name. We have been organizing water sports in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean for close to three decades with a great safety record and 0% accident rate.

    Yes absolutely, if the hotel of your choice does not have one of our centers we can still organize Dressel Divers Jamaica water sports for you, your friends, and family. You can choose from half-day or full-day activity trips or packages. If you desire you an even include lunch, unlimited drinks, and use of the resort’s beach, pool, and other facilities.

    There are no really difficult sports and activities in Jamaica. All are relatively easy but if one has to choose the easiest it would have to be kayaking because it offers you a choice. You can really turn into a hard work out like distance jogging across the ocean with your arms, or you can just slowly paddle a little ways out over the water and just happily float there like a duck on a pond. 

    Basically, you could make it to Montego Bay you are probably also OK to do some water sport in Jamaica, with a few exceptions of course. Like with all sports individual skill and development level must be considered especially for the very young or old.  Signing up may be dependent on ability and health, as is the case with sports everywhere.