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With over twenty years experience in water sports, we guarantee service satisfaction, entertainment and an excellent treatment from our qualified staff. We offer a wide selection of diving and snorkeling services to comply with what you naturally expect on your all important vacation, covering the needs of even the most demanding client.

Our priority is to guarantee your safety. As a result our services have an unstained historical safety record with 0% accident rate, of which makes us proud. All this is thanks to a rigorous job training program, the highest accident prevention measures and an internal quality control system that performs continual monitoring in order to upkeep the highest level of safety in the dive industry.

Dressel Divers imparts training programs to its staff that have direct repercussion in higher safety for its guests. We consist of highly prepared team with more than two decades of experience in diving, snorkeling and water sports exclusively dedicated to these activities.

Almost all our staff obtained their professional diving qualifications with our own PADI Career Development Center. They are therefore trained within our own philosophy and in harmony with the objectives of Dressel Divers. They will give you not only a great dive but also a very safe one!

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Dressel Divers ServiceWelcome! Dressel Divers is internationally acclaimed for it´s excellent scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports services. Driven by an unmatched concern for the safety and well-being of it´s clients, our friendly and multilingual staff will do its utmost to ensure that our customers´ visits are memorable. Our mission is to provide clients with a diving vacation where safety, courtesy and kindness prevail. With over 31 years’ experience exclusively dedicated to water sports, our highly qualified personnel is focused on delivering quality services, satisfaction and entertainment, in accordance with Dressel Divers´ philosophy of Safety, Quality and Service. Warm Regards, Javier Ibran, CEO

Dressel Divers SafetyCustomer safety is our main priority! Each year, Dressel Divers certifies over 3,000 new divers and introduces more than 30,000 people to the sport of diving, and this while maintaining an immaculate safety record with a 0% accident rate. To achieve this, we rely on our rigorous job training program, specific accident prevention measures, internal quality control initiatives, and continual monitoring destined to promote the highest level of safety in the dive industry. In addition to following training programs with a focus on impoved safety, most Dressel Divers instructors have graduated from our own Go PRO Academy with the prestigious PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer certification.

Dressel Divers BoatsOur boats are exclusively designed and built for Dressel Divers under the strict supervision of Javier Ibran, a lifelong diver and the company´s founding President. Dive boats are tailored to provide ample space for equipment and clients, as well as an easy entry and exit into the water for divers. Cylinders are provided on board our boats, the majority of which are catamarans or trimarans (to limit movement due to waves and therefore seasickness). All boats, furthermore, are equipped with a sun roof, fresh drinking water, a radio, a GPS device, oxygen, spare diving equipment, and everything else deemed mandatory by the United States Coast Guard. The engines, all top brands, are subject to ongoing monitoring and servicing by our in house mechanics. Boat captains, moreover, all have First Aid medical training. Last but not least, with very few exception all boats have double engines for increased security.

Dressel Divers EQUIPMENTDressel Divers has rental equipment that feels like it´s every diver´s own! Our dive equipment is premium quality, regularly maintained and replaced with new and innovative products over time. We offer a wide variety of gear so that persons of all statures and ages will find something that suits them. Our dive centers include state of the art equipment rooms staffed by employees who wash, disinfect and store client´s rental equipment. They also include a place to store personal dive equipment. Our cylinders, filling stations and compressors are operated and maintained by well trained qualified staff in strict compliance with the generally accepted industry standards and all instructions specific to the brands used.

Dressel Divers is a PADI FIVE STAR DIVE CENTER. This being said, we also welcome divers certified by other federations, such as SSI, NAUI , IDA , NASDS, YMCA, ACUC , CMAS and PDIC. Trainers and students from these associations can also follow various courses at our facilities. Dressel Divers is directly associated with PIRA (PADI International Resort Association) and can boast of having, every year since 2002, been the recipient of several PADI prizes, among them the one handed out to diversified dive operators having completed the greater number of beginner certifications. In addition, Dressel Divers is a PADI CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER (CDC), with well over a decade of experience organizing several PADI IDCs (Diving Instructor Courses) each year. Dressel Divers Dive Federations





Our legacy for future generations.

A new spirit through which to raise awareness to our generation by respecting the environment and leaving a better world to future generations.

Go Green is an attitude, a philosophy, a commitment to raise awareness, transmit the responsibility of each individual in the care of our planet.

We make our passion for diving and caring for nature go the same way.

We practice sustainable diving. We provide our clients with an experience that goes beyond diving, the satisfaction of doing something for the blue planet.

GO Green was born with strength, with initiative for the development and promotion of actions of awareness, protection of the environment and reduction of the footprint of environmental impact.

Dressel Divers is proud of its customers, responsible divers who, together with their committed employees, make GO GREEN a reality. Our legacy for future generations.

  • Before each dive the instructor gives a briefing to ensure safety and sustainable diving.
  • We offer a review of diving techniques to divers who have little experience or who have not dived for more than a year.
  • Small groups.
  • One PADI Professional on each dive.
  • Information about the local fauna and flora is provided.
  • We help to perfect finning techniques and buoyancy to avoid damaging the reefs.
  • We do not feed the animals.
  • No contact: We do not manipulate, touch or remove any animal or plant from the water.
  • We collect possible waste/garbage that we find during the dives.
  • We help animals that are in trouble due to human actions.
  • We do not get too close to the animals, or make them feel trapped to avoid creating unnecessary tension.
  • Use of biodegradable sunscreen.
  • The boats have been updated and have 4-stroke engines whose consumption is more efficient and their operation is cleaner.
  • We practice mooring on buoys whenever possible.
  • Supervision and constant maintenance of the fleet
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products
  • Absence of cooling units with chlorofluorocarbons harmful to the Ozone layer on board.
  • Recycling points.
  • We do not get too close to the animals, or make them feel trapped to avoid creating unnecessary tension.



Dressel Divers TripAdvisor Testimonials

Dressel Divers has been voted among the top 10 best dive resort operators in the world several times by Rodale Readers. Every year, all our centers are the proud recipients of the Trip Advisor certificate of excellence, an accolade given to organizations with many excellent guest reviews on Trip Advisor.

We would like to once again take this opportunity to thank our clients for their fantastic feedback on Trip Advisor, as well as their likes, comments and posts on Facebook, Google +, You Tube, Twitter and Pinterest. Our Trip Advisor reviews can be read by following this link, which also gives clients an opportunity to post a review.

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