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Whale Shark Snorkel Excursions & Tours

Our whale shark snorkeling excursion and tour takes you swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea. Whale sharks are gentle giants that swim very slowly and calmly at the surface allowing snorkelers on excursion to keep pace with them.

We organize our snorkeling excursion to these impressive whale sharks several times a week, from early June to mid September when they come to feed on the plankton between Isla Mujeres and Holbox! Although a whale sharks have very imposing mouths no need to worry because they mainly use it to filter plankton which are microscopic plants and animals.

These kind creatures only visit this part of Mexico during a couple of months a year but when they do they come in great numbers making it one of the most famous whale shark get togethers in the world. Join the meeting with one or our tours!  We can assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience. DON’T MISS OUT ON THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!

Frequency: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from early June to mid-September

Whale Shark Tour
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    More Info About The Whale Shark SNORKELING Tour

    Our tours welcome everyone!

    WHEREVER YOU STAY you can join the Dressel Divers whale shark watching and snorkeling tour!

    STAY AT ANY RESORT and board our whale shark excursion transport right from it´s reception or agreed pick up point!

    Our whale shark TOUR INCLUDES

    • Transportation between your hotel or agreed pick up point and the Punta Sam dock. Cozumel Island guests take the ferry to Playa del Carmen and join the excursion on arrival.
    • Boat ride to and from the Punta Sam dock to the site where we encounter the whale sharks. During the boat trip we offer sandwiches, unlimited soft drinks and beer.
    • We take turns in snorkeling with the whale sharks as only 2 snorkelers and guide are allowed in the water at the same time.
    • On the way back we eat Ceviche (popular dish in Mexico), on board near Playa Norte (Isla Mujeres).

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