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Our excursions in the Dominican Republic offer tours to tropical islands so totally tropical they are declared natural parks to protect them and ensure visitors get a totally unique Bacardi Island experience. We have more than one great tour for you from Punta Cana, Bavaro, Bayahibe or La Romana. Dressel Divers excursions take you to them on boats specially designed and built in the Dominican Republic for that very special purpose.

One excursion takes you to a place out in the middle of the ocean with so crystalline and shallow it is known in the country as the natural swimming pools. You cannot walk on water but this gets you pretty close to the feeling, when standing in waist-deep water out in the sea.  It is also an amazing place for star gazing. Not up in the sky but down in the water because this is a meeting place for big sea stars like no other.

You can also join our tour to absolutely the most amazing village in the Dominican Republic, built on a cliff overhanging the most impressive river valley in the country. What’s more our excursion takes you there in unique manner, entering the river mouth by boat and cruising upstream all the way to the banks of the town.

Options abound in an amazingly gifted country to keep you wanting to see more and more of its nature.

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