PADI Dive Lessons

The PADI scuba diving courses offered by Dressel Divers allow you to penetrate beyond the beautiful ocean surface to see what it is hidden within. Like opening a beautiful present to see what is inside our wide variety of PADI dive courses will unveil the reefs and their friendly inhabitants hidden below.  So don´t just keep looking at the ocean from your beach chair, go visit!

In all our destinations we offer PADI Beginner and Advanced courses, including DIVING LESSONS FOR KIDS. Children more than anyone else love the sea and water adventures. With the Dressel Divers courses to learn diving anyone can truly enjoy the reef from every possible angle they aim for, in very calm tropical waters, with ideal temperatures and visibility as good as in the pool.

Your first scuba dive is but one in a logbook with many pages, so… Your scuba diving will not only improve by doing it ever more but also be taking higher level courses. From novice to expert, our outstanding training options will take care of all your learning needs.

Periodically we also offer Tec Camps (TEC REC), Divemaster training (Go PRO) and dive Instructor programs (PADI IDC) for the more professionaly minded divers. From recreational to professional scuba diver, Dressel Divers is with you every fin kick of the way! So you can start diving and keep diving with us to the limit of your interests!

Come to feel like Jacques Cousteau himself in a real life documentary.

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