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We offer excursions and tours for everyone, everywhere in our Caribbean and Pacific destinations! Dressel Divers know most ocean lovers want to see all the best there is to see in areas they are vacationing.

Most visitors to the Caribbean or Pacific coastlines already plan excursions to see some of the countryside and towns. At Dressel Divers we combine your wishes to see places beyond the hotel gates with snorkeling and diving excursions, so there is no need to stop your favorite activity to visit the country.

Dressel Divers organizes very entertaining excursions and tours to more distant reefs and places that by nature of exceptional beauty warrant taking a tour to go see them. We spare no organizational effort to make sure you do not miss out on and important ocean related activity in your holiday destination. If the reef is renowned in the snorkeling and diving community and can be reached with a fun half or full day excursion we go there for you!

Our tours allow you to visit the very best reefs in the Caribbean and Pacific plus the opportunity to see some of the land and people which in places of such beauty and friendliness is a must.

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