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How To Choose Your Correct Wetsuit Size?

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Choosing the correct wetsuit size is extremely important if you want to enjoy your diving experiences to the fullest. The quality, thickness and other features won’t do you any good if your wetsuit doesn’t fit properly.

Probably, putting on and taking off the wetsuit are two of the most boring tasks of being a diver. It is so tedious to struggle to get your wetsuit-legs up, the sleeves, get everything into it… Oh My God! Without forgetting the following dance, that unglamorous ritual we do to stretch the wetsuit, and get that killer wrinkle to stop bothering us.

When a wetsuit is too tight for you, you will be uncomfortable during the dive. If it is too big, it will not serve as a thermal barrier and your body will cool down faster. That is why at Dressel Divers, after years of experience renting out wetsuits and helping our customers to choose the correct wetsuit size, we have prepared this guide for you.

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The Correct Wetsuit Size: How Can I Know If I Have Hit The Target?

As we said in the article Scuba Wetsuit Thickness Guide: How To Choose The Perfect One For Your Dives,, the basic propose of the wetsuit is to protect the diver from the elements and heat loss in the water. Besides, it must allow us to move smoothly.

Most manufacturers follow a universal size chart from XS to 3XL with a variety of sizes in between. Therefore, as a first guideline for choosing the correct wetsuit size, we will take the size of our clothing.

We can say that a wetsuit fits your body perfectly when it is attached to it with a little tension, just enough it can widen once in the water, and fulfill its purpose.

Tips to know if it is the correct wetsuit size

1. You have to be able to breathe. It is obvious, but if the suit does not allow you to breathe normally, that is not the correct wetsuit size.

2. Once you wear your wetsuit, bend your knees, if the wetsuit is too tight and does not let you move freely, ask for a larger size.

3. Pinching the neoprene to separate it from your body. If this task is too easy or creates a large air pocket, ask for a smaller size. Remember, wetsuits always fit better when they are dry than in the water.

4. Pay attention that there are no wrinkles except in the armpits, knees, and groin. They will allow the mobility of the joints

5. Control how much air you feel in your lower back, if there is too much space there, a lot of water will enter, and that is not what we want.

6. Pay attention to the fit in the genitals, especially if you are a man. The wetsuit should not be too tight or too wide. The key is compact.

7. Make sure your wetsuit fits snugly at your ankles and wrists, although, if not the case, you can always use the Velcro-type adjustment straps.

8. Make sure the suit is the right length. Even if your wetsuit fits properly, it will not be very comfortable if it is too short or too long. If that’s the case, maybe you should think about a two-piece wetsuit.

9. Don’t forget the hood. If it is too tight, it can cause problems to compensate, neck tension, and headaches.

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These are our tips to choose the correct wetsuit size, but if you are still hesitant to rent yours, ask us! We are here to help you.

Do you have another infallible tip for hitting the target with the correct wetsuit size?  Share it with us on Facebook.

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