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20% ONLINE DISCOUNT to discover the best scuba diving in Mexico. We make every dive special! In Mexico, scuba diving is very popular for very good reasons. Every dive is unique and repetitive scuba diving never feels repetitive.

Drift diving is very common in Mexico. During a drift dive the boat follows the group’s bubbles. The drift carries the divers along and fins are used for steering more than moving. You literally take flight underwater and go with the flow lowering your air consumption.

Mexico is also the number one place on the planet for cenote diving. A double tank dive in the Yucatan jungle ponds and caverns is definitely a very unique thing to do and our dive shops are perfectly placed for this.

Pelagic action is also part of a Mexican dive vacation! Whale watching or swimming with whale sharks are very popular with divers.  Even bull shark diving is on the menu for those with an adrenalin appetite.

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People & Culture

For very good reasons Mexico is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has become a magnet for those looking for beautiful beaches, white sand and clear waters but its people, their food and music above all make the difference.

The extensive Mayan heritage of the areas we are based in provides guests an enjoyable vacation while being immersed in a unique world of local tradition and friendliness.

Nature & Monuments

With endless kilometers beaches from which you can observe the sea’s infinite tones of blue and its inland Yucatan jungle landscapes the place feels like a massive nature park including dozens of interesting cultural pyramidas and temples from the Maya Era.

Our centers are perfectly placed to facilitate time out to enjoy other attractions such as the Yucatan jungle, Mayan temples, local shopping, village’s restaurants and bars.


World famous cuisine! Cornmeal forms the basis. Try the barbecued meats, with spicy salsas, salads, vegetables and a wide variety of fruits. Don’t forget the Octopus, squid and prawns marinated ceviches. More traditional specialties in our areas are pock-chuc, pavo escabeche, relleno negro, queso relleno, panuchos, relleno blanco and papatzules.

Surface interval between one dive and next takes on a great new culinary meaning in Mexico!

Currency The official currency is the Mexican peso, although US dollars are widely accepted throughout the country.
Official time UTC – 7
Official language Spanish. English is understood very well.
Electricity The voltage supplied in the country is 110 volts. The plugs have 2 flat prongs.