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Scuba Travel, 7 Steps to Prepare Yours Properly

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How the Idea of Scuba Travel Is Born

– So, what are you going to do on your vacation?

The two colleagues were having coffee, taking a break from their work in the office. They took refuge in the cafeteria. It was their time to unwind, and they liked to talk about hobbies, plans, families… anything but work. Fred, who is in love with scuba diving, didn’t take a second to respond.

– Thinking of scuba travel.

– Scuba diving? Wouldn’t you prefer going to Mexico to lie in a hammock, drink margaritas and listen to ranchers?

-No, he answered.

It was the first time I’d ever put it into words, but Fred was already bubbling over.

The idea of a scuba travel in a diver’s head is like a fly behind a cracked window. It wants to get out. The idea stamps itself against the walls of the brain again, and again, and again; until it finally finds a way to come true, as the fly crashes against the glass until it is released.

Well, you already have the idea. What we intend in this article is to help you materialize your scuba dive travel. We will do it with the following travel guide.

Scuba Travel: How to Prepare for it And What Options Do I Have?

Step 1. Choose your scuba travel destination

  1. Scuba trip from resorts.
  2. Liveaboard cruise scuba travel.
  3. Do-it-yourself (DIY) scuba travel

Step 2. Book your airline tickets and accommodation for your scuba dive travel.

Step 3. Make your dive plan and set the itinerary

Step 4: decide how you are going to move around during your scuba diving travel

Step 5: Make a list of things to pack in your scuba diving travel bag

Step 6: Prepare the documentation for your scuba travel

Step 7: Don’t forget about the money you will need on your travel

Scuba Diving Travel: How to Prepare for it And What Options Do I Have?

scuba travel - 2

Step 1. Choose your scuba travel destination

To choose your scuba travel destination, consider: Where do you want to go?

Every diver has a diving wish list to fulfill. The time has come to make your dreams come true. It all depends on your interests, budget, and the time you have available.

If you have a week, choose a destination that is not excessively far by plane from your place of residence, the time you have is to enjoy doing what you like the most, not in the displacement. Don’t you think so?

Another important point is who is going to be your scuba travel partner. Will he/she be your dive buddy, or be doing other activities while you dive? With this in mind, it will be much easier to answer the next question.

What experiences do you want to live?

The first thing to answer this question is to get well documented about what we can find on the dive sites we are interested in: wrecks, cenotes, coral reefs, caves.

We can make three scuba diving travel groups.

  1. Scuba travel from resorts.

With this type of scuba diving travel, you have your base of operations in a hotel, usually on an all-inclusive basis.

It can be a diving resort. So, you will have all the facilities within the hotel complex, or you can move from your hotel to the dive center of your choice, but they will be the ones who plan the dives.

From our point of view, this is an advantage, because they are professionals with years of experience and know the location very well.

  1. Liveaboard cruise scuba travel.

Liveaboard scuba diving travel is articulated from the vessel on which you travel and sleep. There you eat, rest and have everything you need to prepare for the dive.

In this type of scuba diving travel, you do between 4 and 5 daily dives already planned by the company that organizes the cruise. This type of scuba travel is absolutely focused on the enjoyment of this sport.  There is not much else to do onboard, so it would not be the best choice if your travel companion does not dive.

  1. Do-it-yourself (DIY) scuba travel

For this type of scuba diving travel, the planning of the dives does not depend on another person. You will have to do it yourself, as well as everything else: accommodation, grocery shopping, restaurant reservations, boat reservations, equipment rental, etc.

When is the best time to scuba travel?

In the Dressel Divers destinations in the Caribbean, the weather is always good, but it is not the same in other parts of the world. There diving is limited to certain seasons. If you want to visit these places, you should remember this point.

scuba diving travel - 3

Step 2. Book your airline tickets and accommodation for your scuba dive travel

Once you are clear about your destination, the next step in scuba travel planning will be to book the hotel and airline tickets.

They are the most expensive costs of scuba diving travel, and they should be done almost in unison. Since one depends on the other.

To choose the flights, you can use comparator rates such as Google’s or see the offers of the different airlines operating in your destination.

As for the accommodation, you must choose between the three scuba travel options you already know.

Of course, if your choice is DIY, your options expand concerning hotels, apartments, exchange accommodations, etc.

Whether you want to take a liveaboard cruise or book a “Stay and Dive” in the Caribbean, be sure to contact Dressel Divers’ Information Department before. Our team of professionals will help you with your reservations and advise you on the most economical options.

scuba dive travel - 4

Step 3. Make your dive plan and set the itinerary

Dressel Divers’ Information Department can also help you in planning your scuba travel and dive itinerary, in the various locations where we have diving centers, and with many liveaboards.

Our staff will answer all your questions and advise you on the places you should not miss, the best excursions, make reservations for your dives, and inform you of the most economical packs and offers to make your scuba travel a success.

If you don’t have the help of a professional team like Dressel Divers, investigate which dive centers are in the area you want to visit and contact them to plan your itinerary according to your interests.

Step 4: decide how you are going to move around during your scuba dive travel

For all three types of scuba travel, “dive resort”, “liveaboard” and “DIY” you will at least have to decide how you are going to get from the airport to your accommodation or port of departure.

With Dressel Divers, the travel arrangements for the excursions will be planned in advance. However, if you are going to plan your scuba travel yourself, you will need to consider whether you are going to rent a car, take a cab, or travel by bus or train. You will also have to know the schedules and coordinate them with the time your dives start. Difficult? Yes, it is.

Step 5: Make a list of things to pack in your scuba travel bag

Just your mask and fins, the full set of travel scuba gear or nothing, because you are going to rent the gear. A part from this choice, the list of things to pack in your scuba travel bag is long, but we had already foreseen this inconvenience. That’s why we wrote the article: Tropical Vacation Packing List for Divers (With Downloadable Template)

scuba travel - 5

Step 6: Prepare the documentation for your scuba travel

If you plan scuba travel abroad, you will need your passport. Check that it is valid.

It must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure of your flight and have room for the entry and exit stamp.

To stay in some countries, you need a VISA, do not leave this issue for the last minute.

As a diver, you will also need your certification card that indicates your level, and don’t forget the medical examination.

Regarding medical issues, remember that there are locations where certain vaccinations are required beforehand.

Step 7: Don’t forget about the money you will need during your scuba travel

When you travel, you need money. From our experience, the way to count on it is to have cash for small expenses; and a credit card to face the payments that you have not made before traveling.

Our advice is to make your purchases and reservations before traveling, so everything will be organized, and you will get substantial discounts. As it happens with Dressel Divers, buying online, you get a 20% discount on your diving purchases.

Do you want us to prepare your scuba travel together with you? Write us!

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