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How To Find A Dive Buddy? – Everything You Need To Know

Do you love Scuba Diving but do not know how to find a dive buddy suitable for you? Have you dived with different people, but you did not fit well with any of them? Have you wondered what makes a scuba buddy perfect? If you still haven’t found your perfect dive buddy, this article will interest you.

Every Scuba Diving lover knows that this is a sine qua non.  You cannot play tennis alone, and you cannot dive alone either. This fact does not mean that finding a dive buddy is something easy. In this article, we review the qualities a good diving buddy has to have. In addition, we introduce some strategies that will help you to find a dive buddy suitable for you.

find a Dive buddy - encontrar el compañero de buceo perfecto

1. Finding a Dive Buddy Importance

If you’re a diver and you’re looking for a diving buddy, you’ll know that it’s a matter of utmost importance. Why? Let us explain it to you!

Firstly, finding the perfect scuba diving buddy will increase the levels of safety in this water activity. Imagine you have an emergency – what would you do? You would ask your dive buddy for help. That’s why diving is done in pairs. Whether it’s untangling a hose, helping you with a cramp, or lending you their regulator if you run out of air, a good scuba buddy will keep you safe.

If your diving buddy is by your side, you can be sure that you’ll have immediate help and an ally in case of any unforeseen events. Plus, if you need help getting out of the water, a dive buddy can provide assistance and prevent you from falling behind or getting lost.

But it’s not just a matter of safety – it’s also a way to enhance the experience and enjoyment of diving. Sharing the emotions and views underwater with someone is incredibly enriching!

Your dive buddy is someone you can trust and who will help you check your equipment before diving. Together, you can create a dive plan and keep an eye on each other during the activity. Additionally, your diving buddy can keep you company during the safety stop, do the chicken dance underwater, and help you spot marine creatures that you would never have seen on your own.


2. What a Good Scuba Buddy Does and Doesn’t Do

  1. They don’t pressure their dive buddy. If you’re not comfortable with a particular dive plan, they won’t push you beyond your level. They take it easy so that you both can enjoy the dive. They’re also supportive and encouraging throughout the whole experience. Good vibes are key to a successful dive!
  2. They pay attention during pre-dive activities. If they’re distracted during the briefing, they might miss important information that you’ll both need during the dive, which could lead to difficulties.
  3. They help with pre-dive equipment checks before the dive.
  4. They keep their focus on you throughout the dive. They stay close so that they can provide help if you need it. Plus, they might even point out cool marine creatures that they spot!
  5. They avoid reckless behavior underwater. No swapping gear, playing hide-and-seek, or trying to jump over you. They focus on enjoying the dive with you.
  6. They never stop learning and continue to improve their skills as a scuba buddy.

Probably, after reading these characteristics you will wonder: “Where can I find a dive buddy as great as this? Let’s consider some ideas!

ind a Dive buddy - 2 - encontrar el compañero de buceo perfecto

3. How to Find a Dive Buddy

1. Find A Dive Buddy at Your Own Home

Usually, the diver’s own home is a goldmine to find a dive buddy perfect for you.

Husbands, wives, parents, children, brothers, and sisters, are already trusting in a reciprocal manner. Not for nothing, they are sharing your own life with you. Why could you not put trust in one of your relatives to practice your favorite sport? Complicity and deep knowledge of each other will be your success key.


2. Persuade Your Friends to Try Scuba Diving and Turn into The Best Dive Buddy Ever

Ask your friends if they are Scuba Diving enthusiasts. Maybe you discover that you have more common things than you thought!

If this is not the case, it is the perfect moment to encourage them to practice this sport with you. Tell them about those marvelous scuba diving adventures in which you were the protagonist, invite them to snorkel, or give them a PADI dive course for beginners.

If spite of doing this, you are not able to convince them, the next option will be to extend your circle of friends.


3. Find a Dive Buddy in an Active Dive Club

When your friends do not share your love for diving, it’s time to look for people who do. You will find them, near you, in the Diving clubs of your city.

Frequently, these kinds of clubs promote scuba diving activities and trips during which you can form friendships. Moreover, these opportunities can be a good way to prove how compatible or not a new dive buddy is.


4. Find A Dive Buddy on The Internet

If everyone is on the internet, your diving partner is probably there too.

First, we have diving forums like Scubaboard and Scubaearth, where you can find information about group trips and share your experiences. Scubaearth also has a specific section to find a dive buddy, which Scubaboard doesn’t offer.

Scuba diving Facebook pages and groups can also be useful tools to find a suitable diving buddy. On social networks, you can share experiences and talk about the best diving spots while discovering divers who meet the requirements you’re looking for. Another option is to write a post on one of these groups or forums, as simple as ‘I WOULD LIKE TO FIND A DIVE BUDDY.’

Don’t underestimate social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Search for hashtags like #shorediving or #drysuitdiver to find profiles of divers you like and message them to see if they’re interested.

Finally, you can also check out dive blog communities. Many bloggers offer a space for readers to ask questions and share photos and videos, which can be helpful for finding dive partners.

find a Dive buddy - 3 - encontrar el compañero de buceo perfecto

5. Attend Meet-Ups, Talks, and Scuba Events

The most exciting part of attending these meet-ups is what happens after the event. Don’t just sit quietly in your corner without talking to anyone. It’s time to network and meet the most fascinating people. You can also ask questions to determine if they would make a good candidate for a future scuba buddy.

You can also get involved in marine conservation projects that require diving skills, which are often free events. Coral reef nurseries, monitoring marine species, and other similar projects can be a perfect opportunity to find your diving buddy. And if not, you’ll meet people who share your passion for diving and marine conservation.


6. Find A Dive Buddy by Taking a Course to Improve Your Scuba Diving Skills

You met your best friends in school, so it’s time to go back to school! By taking a new certification, you may very well find the ideal person to share your dives with.

Improve your scuba diving skills by completing an Advanced, or Specialty Course. Why not even consider taking a Divemaster course? This option not only increases your chances of finding a great dive buddy, but also opens the door to future dive employment and travel opportunities.


7. Go On a Scuba Vacation with Dressel Divers and Find Your Perfect Dive Buddy!

Many scuba diving enthusiasts are in the same boat – they love diving but haven’t found that ideal dive partner yet. Luckily, there are holiday destinations that are perfect for scuba diving, and there may be other solo divers there just like you. Who knows? Your perfect scuba dive buddy might be one of them!

Not having a dive buddy can be a significant disadvantage, but this is where Dressel Divers comes in. With over 30 years of experience in water sports, we guarantee service satisfaction. Our professionals always aim to match our divers based on their characteristics and abilities. And if that’s not possible, our dive professionals will happily serve as your dive buddy.


4. Testing If You Are the Perfect Dive Buddies

One of the fundamental principles of scuba diving is “No one dives alone.” Scuba diving is a team sport, and both members of a scuba diving pair depend on each other. Here are some key qualities to check you compatibility with your dive buddy.

The ideal diving buddy takes safety seriously. They will check both their own gear and yours, never stray more than 5 meters away from you, and most importantly, they are someone you trust.

The perfect dive buddy understands you. They accept that it takes you three-quarters of an hour to put on your neoprene and that it takes them a long time to equalize. You both know what signals each other is using, even if no one else understands.

The ideal scuba buddy knows what kind of dives you can do together. They don’t necessarily need the same scuba diving certification as you, but they know your limitations and theirs.

Following some of these seven strategies or all of them, we are sure you are going to find your perfect dive buddy. When it will happen, feel free to share your experience with us. Please write a comment, which can be inspiring to other scuba divers in order to find their perfect dive buddy as well.