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Tropical Vacation Packing List for Divers (With Downloadable Template)

Tropical vacation Packing list for divers - scuba gear

If “In all pleasures hope is a considerable part” as Samuel Johnson said, there is not a moment when our expectations, wishes and hopes are stronger than when we are preparing our next scuba trip. That moment in which you check out your tropical vacation packaging list and pack your suitcase.  You can barely contain the excitement, can’t you?

Furthermore, if you are preparing a diving trip to countries located between the tropics these feelings are even stronger. Diving spots like the Caribbean Sea, the Red Sea or the Maldives await you and with them, the dream come true of any diver: colorful reefs, unexplored remains and exuberant marine life.

The icing on the cake is the fantastic weather you’re going to enjoy. It does not matter if in the place where you are from it is winter, it is raining cats and dogs or a thermometer says -10ºc 14F. In the tropics, weather is always warm and the sun is shining.

All of these expectations would be ruined, if you forgot your certification card, your passport or your spare O-rings. But, don’t worry and be calm! We have prepared a complete tropical vacation packing list for divers. Download it! It is very useful.

The Essentials In Your Tropical Vacation Packing List for divers

So much excitement can upset your nerves. Usually, this is a common problem that could prevent you to plan your scuba vacation properly.  In fact, it can be stressful depending on the trip conditions, rush, if you are going to practice technical diving or going on a liveaboard… Have you taken into account the weight allowed on the plane? Do not forget the batteries of the Go Pro camera. Where did you put the booties? AHHHHHH!

Enough! Remember that this moment has to be fun. Download our tropical vacation packing list for divers and check the box if you have already packed each item. This is the best way to make sure you do not forget anything.

In this tropical vacation packing list for divers you’ll find several sections. Let’s see them in order of appearance

Tropical vacation Packing list for divers - suitcase

Documents and Workpapers

The tropical vacation packing list starts with those things that are going to allow you to travel and perform the activity you want: scuba diving. Not only are we talking about your passport or your flight tickets, but also about your PADI certification card or the medical approval in case you need one.

A Section for Diving Equipment.

Although in most of the tropical dive shops and in all Dressel Divers centers, you can rent a complete set of diving equipment, this section is especially dedicated to those who prefer to make an investment in their own scuba equipment and take it with them on all their trips.

The Tropical Vacation Packing List When You Are in Love with Underwater Photography. Because as far you are concerned, there is nothing that can ruin your diving trip more than a discharged battery, check out carefully all these things.

Clothes and Shoes For Your Tropical Vacation Packing List

Undoubtedly, this is a diving trip, which does not mean you can forget a minimum of clothing and footwear to properly dress during the surface intervals.

Hygiene and health products for rinsing yourself in fresh water and taking care of yourself.

Miscellaneous: There are things that make the divers’ life easier and more enjoyable. As it could not have been otherwise there is a section in this scuba vacation packing list for them. From the mobile phone, to the contact lenses for those who need glasses, do not forget this section when preparing your diving luggage.

Finally, let us give you one more tip, download the tropical vacation packing list for divers and print it as a DIN-A5. In this way, you will be able to take it in your logbook.

Tropical Vacation Packing List for divers - camera

Would you like to add something more? Do it in the comments bellow and we will add it to the Tropical Vacation Packing List for divers.

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