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How to Rent Scuba Gear in the Caribbean?

Rent Scuba gear (1)

If you have searched on Google or Bing “Rent scuba gear” is because want to avoid

  • The time and effort to properly pack all dive items for your next trip to the Caribbean.
  • Carrying heavy dive bags on vacation
  • Dedicating vacation time to maintaining your diving equipment.

Do you want to rent scuba dive gear on your next trip to the Caribbean and have us do all this for you? Keep reading. We give you all the answers to the questions about renting equipment in this post.

What pieces of scuba diving gear can I rent with Dressel Divers?

A regular dive with Dressel Divers includes a tank, weight belt, weights, dive boat and is done alongside a dive guide.

You can rent scuba gear for a single dive or a two-tank dive.

We have two dive gear rental options for you.


Includes: wet suit, regulator with submersible pressure gauge, octopus and

the low-pressure inflator, the mask, the fins, the snorkel, and the BCD.

rent Scuba diving gear - BCD

Buoyancy Compensating Device (BCD)

rent Scuba gear - regulator

Regulator set with SPG, octopus and low-pressure inflator

rent Scuba gear - wet-suit

Wet suit


Fins, mask and snorkel

scuba gear - Din adapter

DIN Adapter

Rent gear - glow stick

Glow stick

rent scuba gear - lamp



Dive computer

If you bring your own gear, you can use our LOCKERS. They close with a chain and lock. You can bring your own padlock or you can purchase one on-site.

How Much Does Scuba Gear Cost to Rent?

Equipment Single Item Rental (1 DIVE) From 3,2 USD

Computer Rental (1 DIVE)


From 3,2 USD


Chemical Light Rental (night dive) (1 DIVE)


From 3,2 USD

Full Equipment Rental (1 DIVE) From 10 USD
Lamp Rental for 1 dive (with batteries) From 10 USD
  • Scuba gear rental prices correspond to Bayahibe and Bavaro, renting online 3 days before arrival at the base. Contact us for prices in other locations.
  • Scuba gear rental prices are dated April 22, 2022. They may change. Please contact us for prices.

Why Rent Scuba Gear with Dressel Divers?

Rent your diving equipment in an easy way.

  1. Quality equipment
  2. You can reserve and rent scuba gear online, and we can have it checked out and ready to use when you arrive.
  3. Total flexibility. Rent only the pieces of equipment you need.
  4. We inspect and check every piece of rental scuba equipment after every dive.
  5. Our rental scuba gear undergoes periodic technical inspections by qualified technicians.
  6. We have the very best possible protocols and disinfection products.
  7. Spare equipment checked on all dives.
Rent Scuba gear (2)

What People Say About Rent Scuba Gear with Dressel Divers

Dressel Divers in CZM at Iberostar is top-notch

For 13 divers and up to 23 dives each (including night dives and several dives with 100 ft*3 tanks), there was not one single issue with any tank, o-ring, or any other gear.

Dressel Divers Cozumel is the best!

They offer rental gear and if you bring your own they have lockers and drying rooms so you don’t need to lug it around with you.

Very professional approach to diving

The best diving off Cozumel is at the south end of the island, & that’s where Dressel is located. The staff is friendly & outgoing, the dive shop has excellent rental gear & the boats are large w/ plenty of room even w/ a full complement of divers.

How To Rent Scuba Gear

You can rent diving gear through our online information department. If you do it 3 days before your arrival, you will get a 20% discount.

You can also go to the counter of our facilities, and our public relations team will make the equipment rental reservations for your dives.


Should I Buy or Rent Scuba Diving Gear

Regarding renting or buying scuba gear, the best advice we can give is to evaluate your needs and decide depending on them.

A complete set of scuba equipment is not cheap. It would be a shame if after buying you have regrets because you hardly use the equipment. It is also not a good option to discover you have spent a lot of money on rentals because you didn’t buy your scuba gear soon enough.

The way to avoid regrets of any kind is to answer this question: How often do you plan to dive?

Can You Rent Dive Gear Without a Certification?

You cannot rent scuba gear without at least the Open Water diver certification. However, if you want to do a Discover Scuba Diver program or any other diving course at Dressel Divers, we include the scuba diving gear.

Do you have more questions about renting dive equipment? Contact us, and we will answer them.