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Sustainable Diving or How to Dive Responsibly?

Sustainable Diving (3)

We are big fans of sustainable diving. No, it doesn’t mean making a special effort or sacrificing our expectations as divers. But diving coincides with the only time we humans can get to know the underwater world. It doesn’t matter if we are on vacation, enjoying our leisure time, or even working in the diving industry. Only by diving can we truly experience 70% of the natural wealth of our planet, which lies beneath the sea.

For that reason, we dive in the Caribbean Sea. We are aware that we are witnesses to reefs, biology, and a unique life cycle. The protagonist of sustainable scuba diving is nature. It’s a sport designed to be enjoyed without our presence harming it.

Not everyone has learned to practice sustainable diving. Not everyone knows of divers’ contributions. Not everyone is aware that we should start with our behavior to minimize humanity’s impact on nature.

But that is not the most disheartening part. It is witnessing coral bleaching. It is finding garbage while diving. It is seeing animal populations dwindle and doing nothing to prevent it.

Yes, we can practice sustainable diving, we have to do it, and this article shows how we can do it.

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1. Sustainable Diving and The Go Green Initiative

As we discussed in the article “Green Diver Do’s and Don’ts and Best Practices“, you can quickly learn the skills of sustainable diving. It is just about internalizing a simple code of behavior. The responsibility of dive operators is to share it, make it known to our clients, and inspire them by our example in sustainable diving.

Tourism stands as one of the pivotal industries worldwide. Coral reefs, in particular, are estimated to inject a substantial $9.6 billion into the tourism and recreational sector.

However, tourism, particularly in the realm of scuba diving centers, is profoundly reliant on environmental conditions. Given the fragility of marine ecosystems and their current perilous state, it is imperative for scuba diving centers to emerge as frontrunners in advocating for eco-responsible tourism. By doing so, they not only ensure their own sustainable growth but also contribute to the preservation of the invaluable resources upon which they rely.

scuba diver on coral reef maintenace

2. Sustainable Scuba Diving Code of Conduct

If you have ever visited Dressel Divers facilities, surely you have seen our code of conduct, as well as on social networks and the Go Green section of our website. If you still don’t know them. The 10 Go Green principles of sustainable diving are the following:

  1. Educate about local fauna and flora.
  2. Promote proper finning techniques and buoyancy to prevent reef damage.
  3. Refrain from feeding marine animals.
  4. No contact: Do not manipulate, touch, or remove any marine life or items from the water.
  5. Collect any waste or garbage encountered during dives.
  6. Assist animals affected by human actions.
  7. Maintain a respectful distance from marine animals to avoid causing unnecessary stress.
  8. Advocate for the use of biodegradable sunscreen.
  9. Dispose of trash in designated receptacles.
  10. Show respect for the environment and local communities.
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3. Sustainable Scuba Diving Principles

  • 3.1. Sustainable Diving Starts by Complying With The Law

Limitations on the number of boats, eco-fees, and marine park permissions are just some examples. Complying with current legislation is the first and most basic way to show our commitment to sustainable scuba diving. Dressel Divers dives and practices snorkeling in numerous protected marine parks and biosphere reserve regions in three different countries. It would not be possible if our commitment to sustainable scuba diving was built just on good intentions.


  • 3.2. Following the Dive Responsibly Commitment Guidelines

Diving while protecting and conserving the reef has been part of Dressel Divers’ philosophy since its inception. Our way of working is based on environmentally friendly guidelines. We recognize that we are not perfect; there is still a lot of work to do and aspects to improve, but we are on the way.


  • 3.3. A Team Committed to Sustainable Scuba Diving

From the CEO to the staff filling cylinders, the entire Dressel Divers team is committed to the philosophy of sustainable diving, but most of all, our Instructors and Divemasters. They have the responsibility to act as role models, and they strive to do so.


  • 3.4. The Go Green Manifesto Against Plastics

The manifesto has 5 key points:

1) Think globally, and act locally against plastic in the ocean.

2) Consume responsibly.

3) Promote green and circular economy best practices through recycling.

4) Enjoy nature and our ocean responsibly. Follow sustainable diving practices.

5) Participate in initiatives against plastic waste.

At Dressel Divers, we avoid as much as possible non-reusable plastics. An example of this is the “Green Bottles” that can be reused as many times as necessary. At all our bases, you can find special containers to separate the garbage. It makes recycling easier. We have promoted and participated in several initiatives to collect plastics and garbage; both under the water, on beaches, and in natural pools.

Scuba Diver with good practices
  • 3.5. Sustainable Diving Put into Action

Go Green develops environmental actions in the Caribbean area, such as: – Coral transplants in Bávaro and Bayahibe. – Participation in several collaborative coral nursery maintenance projects in different parts of the Caribbean. – Scientific research collaborations about coral spawning.


  • 3.6. Beyond sustainable diving

Dressel Divers dive centers follow principles of sustainability based on respect for the people and nature around us. We aim to have a positive influence on the local environment. We know that our commitment to sustainable scuba diving is not enough. That’s why we offer professional development opportunities to the local population, contribute to the local economy, and work to make optimal use of natural resources, save energy, recycle, and act effectively for the environment. For example, currently, we support local organizations to help them realize their social and ecological goals.

Are you joining Dressel Divers in sustainable diving? Visit our Instagram and share your thoughts with us.