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Snorkeling Classes in The Caribbean, the Best Options

Taking snorkeling classes in the Caribbean is always a good idea.
Believe us when we say “snorkeling is a blast!” It’s the perfect water sport for anyone who can’t or hasn’t tried scuba diving yet.

In addition, it’s super easy to do in the Caribbean, all you need is a pair of fins, a mask, and a breathing tube. And voila! You’re ready to dive into the sea and discover all the amazing things it has to offer.

1. Snorkeling Classes: What Is the Activity of Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is an activity where you can enjoy watching the fish, marine life, and many colorful reefs submerging in shallow waters to take a closer look holding a breath (snorkel diving), or simply floating at the surface looking down (snorkel swimming)

The person swims using at least a mask, and snorkel tube, although you can wear fins and a lifejacket as well.


2. Snorkeling Classes: What Is the Purpose of Learning to Snorkel?

Snorkel lessons’ purpose is to truly enjoy the sport of snorkeling. In addition, taking short and fun snorkeling classes will help you avoid making mistakes while practicing this sport and enjoy it comfortably.

In addition, we strongly believe that taking snorkeling classes arouses children’s curiosity about the submarine world, makes them more respectful towards the environment, and opens the doors to scuba. Don’t forget scuba diving can be a hobby for them, and a professional career too. So, a snorkeling class is definitely worth it!


3. A Snorkeling class: Is It Easy to Learn How to Snorkel?

Snorkeling is indeed really simple, and many people practice it regularly because snorkeling is very enjoyable. With just some basic skills, a few pieces of gear, and light knowledge about cautions regarding the conditions of the ocean, a first-time snorkeling experience can be gorgeous, amazing, and potentially addictive.

So, don’t say we haven’t warned you in advance.

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4. Snorkeling Lesson: What Skills Are Needed for Snorkeling?

Prime snorkeling skills are breathing and staying afloat. To learn snorkeling techniques properly, you have to know both snorkel swimming and snorkel diving.

Snorkel swimming on the surface lets you breathe as you look down, as scuba divers do when they have to swim to board the boat. In fact, they too receive their snorkel training.

Snorkel diving is about freediving and moving under the surface.

In your snorkeling course, you will learn important snorkeling skills such as

  • adjusting the diving mask to your face,
  • proper snorkel kicking,
  • learn how to snorkel with a tube, the diving mask, and the fins,
  • snorkel clearing,
  • entry and exit techniques

At the same time with our snorkeling program, you will get snorkel diving techniques; some of them are:

  • ear equalization,
  • ascend and descend properly, and much more.


5. Where are The Best Snorkeling Training Sites in The Caribbean?

Believe us, you don’t need a pool snorkeling class. To learn snorkeling, it is better to go where the action is. You can receive the best snorkeling classes with Dressel Divers in any of our Caribbean locations.

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  • Mexican Snorkeling Classes

Snorkeling classes in the Mayan Riviera to look underwater life in the eye.

In the Riviera Maya, if you blink, you will miss it. That is how abundant marine life is. After all, you will be snorkeling on the second-largest coral reef in the world. So, pay attention to all the instructions during the snorkeling course in the Mexican Caribbean if you do not want to miss anything. Our professionals will not only teach you to move in the water with the snorkel tube, the diving mask, and the fins on. Our snorkeling instructors will help you identify and learn about the marine life that you will see: marine turtles, starfish, colorful corals, and fish.

The first thing you will learn in your snorkeling classes in the Caribbean is to use the equipment. The snorkel tube should be behind the lips and between the teeth without biting.

Although, don’t worry; biting the snorkel will be the least worrying thing for you when swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea. The Dressel Divers’ whale shark snorkeling tour will leave you open-mouthed.

Another thing that you will learn during your snorkeling training in the Caribbean is to adjust the diving mask for proper fit.

You will need it, even more, if you decide to visit the cenotes. You won’t want to miss the amazing formations (the ancient stalactites, stalagmites & the gigantic columns), or the weird visual effect caused by the halocline (blurry effect).

  • Jamaican Snorkel Lessons

During your snorkeling classes in the Caribbean, you will learn how to start the experience. If you must enter the water with your fins on, you must do it walking backward.

On the other hand, If you access the water from our catamaran or one of our private yachts, it is better to go down the ladder than jump into the water. Coming face to face with the underwater wonders of Jamaica can lead to ecstasy, and perhaps this is an excessive impact. Ok, ok, we are joking, just maybe exaggerating a bit, but believe us when we say that what is excessive in Jamaica is the abundance of fauna and its beautiful reefs.

There are many colorful snorkel sites. What makes it even more appealing is the impeccably clear water to make it all very visible. Come fall in love with a reef in Montego Bay, snorkeling in the midst of overwhelming marine beauty and charm.

  • Learn How to Snorkel in The Dominican Republic

You still have two more skills to learn during your snorkeling classes in the Caribbean. The first is to move correctly. As a general rule, during your snorkeling classes in the Caribbean, the Instructors will teach you that you will only need the strength of your legs and fins to move. So, your movements will be much more efficient and faster than swimming normally.

We are sure you will appreciate these skills when you visit Isla Catalina or Isla Saona to snorkel. You will not want to miss a single inch of the underwater Garden of Eden that awaits you on these paradise islands. So, you will want move smoothly, won’t you?

The last skill you will learn in your snorkeling classes in the Caribbean is breathing through the tube. The essential thing is to breathe calmly. Although we know it can be difficult due to the excitement of snorkeling on the beautiful reef of Canto La Playa. So, follow our advice, snorkel over the shallow reefs and mix beauty with relaxation. The snorkel sites in the Dominican Republic offer the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters full of friendly fish that welcome you on to their wonderful reef. Don’t miss it

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6. How Do I Learn to Snorkel in The Caribbean?

Let Dressel Divers’ snorkeling classes in the Caribbean immerse you in the stunning underwater world, give your children the chance to know nature, and live together with them the experience of a lifetime.

Write to us for info about snorkeling classes in the Caribbean.