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PADI Replacement Card: How to Replace Your Certification Card When Lost

This might be the shortest article ever. The answer to how to get a PADI replacement card is to request it from PADI and purchase it. That’s it, period, end of story.

Oh, wait! I haven’t told you about the available options, how to request it, what types of cards exist, and… This article is definitely going to be longer. Take a look at the table of contents, and I’ll explain it to you.

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1. What Is a Replacement PADI Certification Card and Why Is It Important?

Imagine you’re ready to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in the Caribbean, with the sun shining, crystal-clear waters, amazing reefs, and the excitement of diving into the depths of the sea.

But hold on a moment. You reach into your wallet to take out your card and show your certification level, and where is your PADI card? Oops! It seems you’ve lost it. Now what?

Stay calm! This is where the PADI Replacement Card comes into play.

PADI, the global scuba diving training organization, issues these special cards to those who have successfully completed any of their scuba training programs. In PADI’s own words, their cards are like a “passport” that opens the doors to the fascinating underwater world.

When it comes to your PADI Replacement Card, there are some important details that instructors and dive operators need to know.

Diver’s name: That’s you!

Diver’s number: Every certified diver has a unique assigned number. This number is like your underwater identification.

Certification level: Are you an Open Water Diver, an Advanced Diver, or perhaps a Divemaster? Your certification level is important for instructors and dive operators to know how far you’ve progressed in your underwater training.

Date of birth: A person can start diving once they reach the age of 8. For adults, there is no maximum age. But you seem so young that they have to check! Just kidding.

Certification date: This date provides more information about how long you’ve been a part of the diving club. 😉

Instructor’s name: Do you remember the name of that amazing person who taught you everything you need to know about diving? Yes, great. No? There it is.

Instructor’s number: Every PADI instructor has a unique identification number. This is useful for dive operators to verify the legitimacy of your certification and the training you received.

Dive center or resort information: Have you seen the regular PADI cards? They come in three colors, blue, black and gold. The gold cards indicate that you were certified at a PADI 5 Star Dive Center or Resort.

ISO qualifications: If the center where you were certified has them, of course.

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2. Why Would You Need to Replace Your PADI Card?

Well, there are several reasons for that:

Loss or damage: In the midst of all the excitement and adventures, you may have damaged your dive card. Or it could be the opposite: you’ve been out of diving for so long that you can’t remember where you put it. In these cases, it’s important to replace the PADI card so that you can demonstrate your diving qualification in future dives.

Update: Perhaps you have completed new courses, and naturally, you want your achievements to be properly reflected on your dive card. In that case, you can update your existing card or request a new one that reflects your new skills.

Special edition: Now we get to the fun part! PADI also offers special editions of certification cards. For example, this year you could get a card with an incredible design by the famous underwater photographer Jay Clue, featuring an amazing 4-meter-long Gaia hammerhead shark. These special editions add a unique and special touch to your dive card. Plus, they are highly sought after by diving enthusiasts for their exclusivity as limited editions.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to have a backup copy of your PADI card. PADI offers customized design options for both PHYSICAL and digital certification cards: the PADI eCard. Imagine carrying your dive card on your mobile phone! You’ll never have to worry about forgetting it at home again.


3. What Options Do I Have to Acquire a PADI Replacement Card?

There are two types of available PADI replacement cards and three purchasing options:

  • physical PADI certification cards,
  • the electronic version called PADI eCard, and
  • a combination of both.

All options are available for divers who need to replace lost or damaged cards.

Physical Card: Physical cards are essential in remote areas without internet access, and they are also waterproof. Hey, you can take it with you when you go diving!

eCard: If you’re someone who never lets go of their cell phone, not even to go to the bathroom, then you need a PADI eCard. Look, this way you won’t lose it again. You can access it through the PADI App and download it.

Card and eCard: According to PADI, more than half of divers purchase a package with both options. It makes sense. You can go diving in the middle of nowhere, where telecommunication waves don’t reach, and still enjoy a discount. Well… why not?

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4. How Many Types of Special Edition PADI Replacement Cards Are There?

PADI offers several options.

Let’s start with the PADI AWARE Foundation cards. Every year, they release a limited edition card. But the best part is that with each purchase, you’ll be donating $10 to help conserve our oceans and protect marine animals.

This year, in the 2023 card, you’ll see a photo of the famous Gaia hammerhead shark taken by Jay Clue. And yes, you can have them in both physical and digital versions.

Another Limited Edition PADI card for 2023 showcases a whale shark swimming alongside a group of golden trevallies at Ningaloo Reef. The photographer is Alex Kydd.

The third limited edition card for 2023 displays a Baby Sea Turtle by Aleksandr Jeldosev. However, every year there is a different collection.

Additionally, PADI states that the physical version of these cards is made from recycled plastic.

Want it as a gift? Guess what! In the year 2023, you can only purchase them at a physical dive center. If you’re in the Caribbean, stop by Dressel Divers.


5. Steps to Replace Your PADI Certification Card

What I’m about to tell you could save you in a pinch and keep your underwater adventure going despite losing your PADI card. You’re welcome!

To get your shiny PADI replacement card, simply follow these easy steps.

Log into your personal account on Note: If you don’t have an account yet, you know what you need to do: create one. You’ll need your record for that.

Once inside, you’ll find the option to acquire your PADI replacement card.

Choose the card option you want. You know, physical, eCard, or both in the same package.

Let’s see: if you need to show it for diving right away, it’s better to choose an option that involves having an eCard, because you’ll download it instantly.

And there you have it, intrepid divers! Getting a PADI Replacement Card is easier than you think. Just ask PADI and buy it. It’s as simple as that! You can choose between physical, electronic, or a combination of both options. Additionally, you have the opportunity to obtain special editions with incredible designs that reflect the beauty of the underwater world.