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Scuba Diving Career or How to Make Your Hobby Your Job

Are you looking to develop a scuba diving career? Do you want to make a living with something you are really excited about? Are you curious about what industries you can find a job in as a diver? If the answer to any of these questions is: Yes, you are in the right place. In today’s article we’re going to review 7 jobs you can do as a diver, because, as Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life“.

Scuba Diving Career as A Guide or Recreational Instructor

When someone thinks about developing a scuba diving career, the first options to think about are obvious: becoming a Divemaster or Diving Instructor.

This is the perfect way to blend your desire to know the world with your love for diving and, at the same time earning enough money to support yourself. Many Divemasters and Instructors travel teaching dive training in centers all over the world.

How can you become an Instructor or Divemaster? By getting certified.  We tell you all about the Dressel GO PRO Academy and how to become a PADI Divemaster or Dive Instructor.

If teaching novice divers is not enough for you, you can always become a course director: the master of masters. Until you become one of those super divers, you will go through different professional levels, and you will be able to surpass yourself, improve your skills and increase your income. Good plan, right? Ok. Come on! YOU CAN START YOUR SCUBA DIVING CAREER RIGHT NOW by clicking the button below.

Developing A Scuba Diving Career in Your Own Dive Center

Who can better set up a dive center than a professional diver? That is what our founder, Javier Ibrán, did more than 27 years ago. You can learn more about him at this link “Who is the founder of Dressel Divers?”

To set up a diving school, a diving center, or a simple store to sell equipment, the first thing to do is have a clear idea about the business you want to develop and then, get down to work. Good luck, entrepreneur!

Developing A Scuba Diving Career as an Underwater Photographer

The underwater photographer can make his/her career in recreational diving. Not everyone wants to carry a camera in their hands while diving, but they certainly want to have their underwater memories. This is the time when the underwater photographer comes in.

scuba diving career - army

On the other hand, the world of cinema also needs professionals. Documentaries are not made alone. A good example is Valerie Taylor. She is one of the most influential women divers because of her works as an underwater filmmaker and photographer.

Commercial Scuba Diving Career

Professional divers are those whose scuba diving careers are not related to recreational diving.

Do you know the hull of a boat needs cleaning regularly? There are two options: 1) to take the boat out of the water to clean it on the surface; 2) to call in a professional diver to do the job.

Broadly, there are two types of commercial diving: 1) Inshore diving: divers work inland or near the coast. This work is usually related to civil engineering works such as dams, bridges, ports, ship maintenance, power plants, etc. 2) Offshore diving: occurs offshore, for example, on oil or gas platforms.

Scuba Diving Career in The Army or Other Security Forces

Who hasn’t seen the movie “Men of Honor“? Army or law enforcement divers, such as the Coast Guard, are experts in underwater search and survey procedures. Some even use explosives in the aquatic environment.

There are also the members of the SEAL combat team. Always ready to take action, do you think you’ll be able to maintain neutral buoyancy when loaded with a heavy weapon, surrounded by danger, and in cold water? Often, fire departments need emergency response divers as well.

scuba diving career -army 2

Scuba Diving Career as An Underwater Scientific Researcher

A scuba diving career in scientific research often involves being a marine biologist, like Dr. Sylvia Earl or the oceanographer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau. However, there are plenty of scientific opportunities in this fields:

  1. Through universities or government institutions. For these institutions, divers do field studies, searches for historical remains, or hyperbaric medicine.
  2. Aquariums and water parks. For the underwater maintenance of the facilities and the care of the animals.
  3. Private company, like pharmaceuticals, or cosmetic companies. They are looking for new substances, algae, and chemicals under the water for their recipes.
Scuba Diving Career as A Treasure Hunter

If we continue with the movies, we cannot forget Into de Blue, with the beautiful Jessica Alba as the main character. Less novel, but more real is the work that these diving professionals do. Usually, they work for specialized private companies whose goal is finding the billions of dollars that lie at the bottom.

You already know these seven scuba diving career options to turn your hobby into your job. Which one would you choose? Tell us on Facebook.