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Testimonial J. Arroyo Prieto

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With Dressel I learned that working as a diving professional is all the good things you would imagine, but also very demanding and implies a huge responsibility. This is also why it’s so rewarding too. Knowing that a person’s experience that dives for the first time is completely in your hands is a wonderful challenge. Here you work in a very demanding environment, it’s hard work, but you learn how it has to be done, and you have the best tools you can imagine in terms of boats, materials, staff and experience. Working with Dressel also gave me the opportunity of knowing people from all over the world which is also a unique experience of life too that makes you learn everyday something new. You make very good friends along the way, both co-workers and customers. Dressel also gives you the opportunity of making a career. When I arrived here I was just an unexperienced diver, and after several years of hard work and dedication I went step by step to where I am now.

J. Arroyo Prieto