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Interview With Milly, Dive Instructor at Dressel Divers Cozumel

Milly is a passionate Dive Instructor who works at Dressel Divers Cozumel. With over 5 years of experience at our company, she guides students with patience and enthusiasm, creating unforgettable scuba diving experiences. From encountering humpback whales to exploring Cozumel’s beauty, her love for the ocean shines through both in and out of the water. Today, we have come to Cozumel to interview Milly and introduce you to this remarkable professional and individual.

1. At what age did you start diving?
I started diving during my first year of university, I was 19 years old. Whilst all my friends would go partying, my weekends were spent in a quarry in Cumbria. I did a DSD when I was 12 in Tobago if that counts!

2. What is the most incredible dive you ever did?

Definitely, when we went on a liveaboard to Revillagigedo, Baja California. We spent 4 entire dives with 2 humpback whales – a mother and her calf, unforgettable.

3. At what point did you realize you wanted to be a dive instructor?

Because of my interest in sharks from a young age, I always knew I wanted an ocean-based job. As soon as I signed up for the open water course, I knew this would be my path.

4. Where and with whom did you do your instructor course?

I did my IDC, MSDT, and staff instructor course with the legendary Andy Phillips at Utila Dive Center in 2017.


5. What qualities do you think a dive instructor needs to be successful?
I think the main thing is to have patience and understanding. Everyone was a student once, if a student is struggling, stop, think, and adjust your teaching technique, but patience is key. I also believe that a little enthusiasm can go a long way!

Milly 2

6. What is the best advice you ever gave to students?
I would say, to relax and enjoy themselves! Yes, we must be focused and safety-oriented, but they must remember why they are doing this in the first place; it is supposed to be one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences, don’t forget that.

7. What is your most memorable moment with students?

I have many memorable moments, but a big part of why I love my job is to see students progress so much throughout the course with their abilities and confidence.

8. Why would you recommend Dressel Divers to new students?

Dressel is a quality and reputable diving establishment. They have knowledgeable instructors, great diving equipment, and facilities, and their regard for safety is always paramount.


9. How long have you been in Dressel Divers?
Since November 2017. Almost 6 years.

10. What features and opportunities made you choose to work with this company in particular?
Working at Dressel allows you to gain a lot of experience in guiding and teaching, but there are also many excursions I am now able to lead as well. There is the chance to move bases, also in different countries to get further experience and you can progress through to the managerial side if you are interested, which is great.


11. Which Dressel Divers dive center would you like to go next if the opportunity arises?
I believe Cozumel is one of the best places to dive in the world, so it would be hard to leave, but I would like to explore the other side of Mexico too; Punta Vallarta.


12. What is the best advice you would give to someone who wants to take up scuba diving? I would suggest getting in the water as soon as possible, even just to swim and snorkel. Get comfortable in the water, and then scuba diving will feel like home!


13. What are your other hobbies? What do you do on your day off here in Cozumel?
I like to take my dog to the beach, explore the Eastern side of the island, or go fun diving to take videos.