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The 8 Best Scuba Diving Magazines in the World

Do you like to be informed about the latest news in the world of diving? Perfect! In this article, you will find the 8 best English-speaking Scuba diving magazines.

1. Scuba Diving Magazine

This PADI-owned magazine is one of the most prestigious scuba diving magazines. It offers current information on all topics related to diving. In its pages, you will find expert reviews about the latest launches in diving gear.  You will get information about the best destinations, liveaboard cruises, diving resorts, and vacation offers from around the world. Besides, there are tips with which, you will be able to improve your diving skills, updates on environmental conservation actions and also an impressive collection of videos and photos.

Scuba Diving Magazine annually organizes an underwater photography contest in which readers participate, and, occasionally, it has exclusive offers on training and diving for its subscribers.

Scuba diving magazines - SCUBA DIVING

2. Scuba Diver Mag

Considered one of the UK’s leading scuba diving magazines and the most prolific with its over three new articles daily.

Scuba Diver Mag offers content for recreational divers, technical divers and also for lovers of freediving. In addition to diving and conservation news from around the world, on its pages you will find a training section with video guides to hone your diving skills, reviews of diving equipment and comprehensive guides on the best dive destinations.

3. Diver Mag

From Canada to the world, one of the most complete scuba diving magazines on the information scene is published. The first issue of Diver Mag was released more than 45 years ago and has been in regular print ever since, which makes it one of the oldest scuba diving magazines in the world.

It is an independent general-interest sport diving magazine. It is about more than diving, offering broad content related to the aquatic world, such as underwater fishing, underwater rescue operations, etc. In addition to equipment, dive destinations, and a training section, underwater photography, diving medicine, and the marine environment are regular content on its pages.

4. Diver Net

Diver Net is published with the same name as the previous one but from a different location. Its editorial boasts the number 1 scuba diving magazine in the United Kingdom and covers a broad information spectrum related to the underwater industry and advances in underwater technology. Not in vain, this scuba diving magazine has organized the London and Birmingham Dive Shows for more than 25 years.

This scuba diving magazine’s digital version was born in 1996, and it is updated monthly.

Scuba diving magazines -DIVER MAG

5. Alert Diver Online

Alert Diver Online is the scuba diving magazine of DAN (Divers Alert Network). The organization, which is dedicated to diving safety, makes the online magazine available to all diving lovers. Its goal is to offer the latest news on safety in diving and hyperbaric medicine with its four annual editions. You can purchase a subscription to the print version of its scuba diving magazine if you wish. It includes access to DAN’s insurance service and worldwide coverage for emergency medical evacuation.

6. Scuba

The British Sub-Aqua Club is behind this scuba diving magazine, which is published monthly. The publication is free for club members and can be purchased online. Its differentiating point is the news about the diving clubs of Great Britain. It also contains information, not only about diving, but also on snorkeling and, of course, technical innovations in diving equipment.

It also supports graphic content from its readers who use the magazine as a platform to share their photos with the other subscribers.

Scuba diving magazines - SCUBA

7. Dive Training Magazine

This scuba diving magazine’s target readers range from beginner divers to “Course Directors” and, also, for those interested in marine science and ocean exploration. This is the most educational of the scuba diving magazines. It mainly talks about dive training and environments for the safe practice of this sport. The magazine is published in print bi-monthly. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, it offers its content just online.

8. DIVE magazine

A completely independent publisher is the owner of DIVE magazine. This dive magazine has a quarterly print edition and a constantly updated digital edition. It is a very collaborative publication that often asks readers their opinion. Dive magazine is responsible for the Dive Travel Awards. In its 2019 edition, Dressel Divers was named the best diving center in Mexico.

Here you have the 8 best scuba diving magazines in the world. Which is your favorite one? Share it with us on Facebook.