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Scuba Dive Courses in the Caribbean: Why Dressel is the Leader to Learn?

Scuba dive courses are much more than simple scuba course, they are an open door to a new world of wonders, they are adventures guided by the drift and surrounded by the most beautiful wild marine animals, mornings of shared laughter, and new friendships that last a lifetime.

If you want to learn to scuba dive, this is your website. We will show you all the levels, options, and reviews so that the scuba diving courses you choose are the perfect beginning of your story as an ocean explorer.

Take a look at our table of contents.

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Beginners Scuba Dive Courses: The First Step to Explore the Underwater World Through Your Own Eyes

When you are stressed, it shows. You do not disconnect even on vacation. You are on a paradisiacal beach, but instead of relaxing, you are thinking about everything you have to do. Overwhelmed, you roll over in your deckchair and decide to go for a walk.

Passing by your hotel pool, a girl with a yellow shirt and an elaborate logo invites you to try dive scuba course for free. You wonder: why not?

Everything suddenly changes during the intro to scuba diving class. The world falls into silence, and you gather in yourself, calming down as the sea calms after the storm. Without a doubt now, you decide to learn scuba diving. There are different options: SDI scuba course and PADI course. They’re all good.

Your gentle Instructor is in the pool with you. You learn how to breathe through the regulator, handle the equipment, and move under the water. You move slowly, with smooth movements to the beat of the bubbles.

Finally, you jump into the Caribbean Sea, where the feeling of well-being increases even more. So beautiful is the environment that surrounds you: coral reefs of a thousand colors, friendly turtles, impressive rays, and fish everywhere. You know that you are in love. You are learning to scuba dive.

Your feelings will be forever, your love for diving will grow, and you will want to learn to scuba dive deeper, longer, and better.

You will never forget the magicians who gave you your first scuba dive courses. They are Dressel Divers’ Dive Masters and Dive Instructors. They are the experts, which helped you open the door to an amazing new underwater world in a fun, professional, and safe way.

This is the story could be yours. Start your adventure with Dressel Divers: a company with more than 28 years of experience in SDI diving courses or PADI certifications.

We work with both agencies: SDI & PADI. They are both internationally recognized certifying agencies.

Without a doubt, the very best option to learn to scuba dive is to get your Open Water Diver course. So, you will be able to enjoy a lifetime of independent diving.

Life is too short to keep putting off yourself

Choose your SCUBA DIVE COURSES now!



OPEN WATER Dive courses in the caribbean

SDI & PADI Open Water Diver and Junior Open Water Diver 

SCUBA DIVER Dive courses in the caribbean

SDI & PADI Scuba Diver

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVER Dive courses in the caribbean

SDI & PADI Discover Scuba Divers

BUBBLE MAKER Dive courses in the caribbean

SDI & PADI Bubblemaker

Specialties And Advanced Scuba Diving Course: Amazing Dive Opportunities Are in Your Near Future

A scuba diver never just scratches the surface. Once the diving bug has settled in your DNA, you want more. You deserve to expand your horizons, dive deeper, have more control over your diving skills, and be more confident.


You can choose to take the SDI Advanced Course, PADI Advanced Open Water course, or both. With Dressel Divers it is a great opportunity: You can do your Advanced Water for free, always supported by the best professionals and the quality that characterizes us.

If you want to explore the underwater world in every way possible, Specialty courses is the way to do it. Acquire new knowledge to expand your diving scope to more exciting environments.

Becoming an even safer diver for yourself and others is as important as fun with the Rescue Diver Course and Emergency First Response diving courses.

Work hard, dive hard with Dressel Divers.

Choose your SDI & PADI Advanced dive course in the Caribbean now!


ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER - Dive course in the caribbean

SDI & PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

RECUE DIVER Dive course in the caribbean

SDI & PADI Rescue Diver Course and EFR Course

SPECIALTY DIVER-Dive course in the caribbean

SDI & PADI Specialty Diver Courses

Professional Scuba Courses: You are just one click away from the rest of your life

With Dressel Divers’ scuba diving professional courses, you can make your hobby your profession. Become an SDI & PADI instructor regardless of your current scuba level.

Over 1000 Dive Masters and Dive Instructors certified by Dressel Divers and counting. Dressel Divers is a Career Development Center with almost 3 decades of history.

28 years delivering the strongest Divemaster and Dive instructor courses in the Caribbean.

This is not just another dive academy. With Dressel Divers, you will have a future in the diving industry.

Jacobo left his job in the financial department of a marketing agency, packed his bags, and traveled to Playa del Carmen chasing his dream: work in the Scuba Diving Industry.

He found the opportunity he was looking for with our PROFESSIONAL SCUBA COURSES.

“I started as an intern basically. I was a Divemaster then with no experience and was about to start my IDC. Now I am the manager of the Dressel Divers HQ in Valencia, Spain” – He says in this interview.

He did his Instructor Diving Course with Course Director, Víctor Córdoba, current Human Resources Director at Dressel Divers. Jacobo lived a complete real-life professional immersion focused on: receiving academic subjects and learning scuba diving center tasks.

As Jacobo, all our students have something in common; the dream of making scuba diving their professional career. At Dressel Divers, we boost them to reach their professional goals.

It is not just about scuba diving courses.

It is about making your dream come true.



Dive courses in the caribbean - divemaster

SDI & PADI Dive Master

Dive courses in the caribbean - idc

SDI & PADI Instructor Development Course

Technical Scuba Courses for Divers With No Limits

It’s hard to beat someone who has no limits.

If you are one of those who enjoy surpassing boundaries, technical Scuba learning are exactly what you need. You will acquire the knowledge that allows you to go beyond the parameters imposed by recreational diving.

Dressel Divers offers scuba courses for technical divers. Our technical scuba diving Go pro proposal is managed by the reputed Course Director Víctor Córdoba. He is a marine biologist and professional scuba diver with more than 6000 dives in his logbook, 30 specialties, and 27 years of experience as a dive course teacher.

Don’t set limits to your passion

Choose your technical course now!


Scuba diving courses in the caribbean - technical

SDI & PADI Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50

scuba diving courses in the caribbean - sidemount

SDI & PADI Technical Sidemount

Scuba diving courses in the caribbean - gas blender

SDI & PADI Technical Gas Blender

Scuba diving courses in the caribbean - rebreather

SDI & PADI Rebreather Dive Course

Scuba diving courses in the caribbean - cave academy

SDI & PADI Cave Academy

Best Place to Learn Scuba Diving

The Caribbean Sea is one of the best places to learn scuba diving for different reasons

  1. Incredible dive sites that stand out for their biodiversity.
  2. Moreover, learning to dive in the Caribbean offers you the opportunity to live a new and different adventure with every dive: stunning cenotes, breathtaking wrecks, and some of the most amazing reef in the world
  3. When you learn to scuba dive in the Caribbean you make friends from all over the world.
  4. You can learn to scuba dive in the Caribbean with Dressel Divers

We offer all kinds of scuba course in our destinations: for advanced, novice divers and kids’ scuba dive courses.  Everybody can learn to scuba dive and genuinely discover every angle of the reef with the Dressel Divers scuba dive courses in the Caribbean.

Enjoy diving course

in very calm Caribbean waters, with perfect temperatures and visibility. It is as good as in a swimming pool.

How Much Does a Scuba Diving Course Cost?

Dressel Divers offers a 20% discount for online prepayment for all scuba learning! Leave us your email, and we will inform you of our scuba dive course prices.

scuba dive courses (6)

    Published on: May 27, 2022