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5 SDI Diving Advantages Based on Its Values

sdi diving advantages - main

The SDI (Scuba Diving International) agency is based on strong values, that’s why every day, more and more students choose to learn to dive with this agency.

The reason is that they feel more aligned with SDI diving than with the philosophy of other agencies. Let’s see what they are!

When you ask a student on their first day of a dive course why do you want to learn to dive? There are many answers

– “I always wanted to do it.” – says a girl.

– “Because of her.” – says the one next to her, pointing at her.

-“I’m a great ocean lover.” – says a third.

– “And I’m a born adventurer” – points out a fourth.

We all know why we started diving, and we love to share it with other divers because they understand us perfectly. In this article, we are going to tell you why to opt for SDI diving. Because this agency also understands you perfectly.

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1. SDI Diving Is for Everyone as Long as You Are Responsible

It doesn’t matter if you are very short and thin or an obese diver.

It doesn’t matter if you just turned 8 years old or 80 years old. Size and age don’t matter in diving as long as you are in good health.

There is no such thing as “I can’t” in SDI diving because an SDI diver can overcome those mental barriers.

But there is one thing that matters above all things in SDI diving. That is to be a responsible diver and keep learning until you become someone everyone wants to dive with.


2. SDI Diving Puts the Focus on Hard Stuff

That we divers are great storytellers is not in doubt. But we often tend to tell only the fun, the pretty, the easy stuff.

SDI Diving focuses on the hard stuff so that you can tell your diving adventures easily. Diving is a challenge to keep us on our toes. We can’t forget that SDI diving was born as the recreational diving sister of TDI diving. Therefore, SDI diving focuses on those skills as a diver that can save your life. For example:

– teaching structure at the instructor’s discretion to follow through and then return to those skills that are more difficult to learn.

– buoyancy control training from minute 0

– emphasis on self-reliance as a diver. Recall that SDI™ was the first agency to launch a Solo diving course.

– the importance to the agency that the SDI diver is both a qualified and certified diver.

sdi diving advantages - 5

3. SDI Scuba Diving Encourages Divers to Recognize Their Limits

According to SDI’s diving practice, your limits do not make you a bad diver but overcoming them through ignorance or neglect, yes.

SDI diving supports you within the limits that your training and experience allow you to dive.

Hence the need to know what your limits are. If you don’t know them, you will never be able to overcome them. The most important thing in SDI diving is to remain open to learning possibilities and take advantage of them every time they arise, without ever losing the urge to improve.

In addition, recognizing your limits also means knowing how to say “no” to a dive with someone you don’t trust, or even, “no, I’m not feeling well enough to scuba dive today.”


4. Continuing Education Is What Defines SDI Scuba Diving 

“All training companies say the same thing. They just want money. I know enough, I don’t need to keep training.”

Notice this sentence. It could be valid for any profession or technical skill in the world. It is the typical phrase someone with little knowledge of a subject uses. You’ve heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect, have you?

It’s a cognitive bias whereby people with little knowledge don’t know enough to distinguish between good performance and non-performance yet. This bias also works the other way around.

There are people who know a lot about a subject and are always learning trying to overcome their limitations.

For that reason, continuous learning is one of the values of SDI diving.

sdi diving - 2

There is always something to learn. Even our most veteran professionals with more than 30 years of diving, 60 courses, and 5000 dives later still claim that there are many things they still don’t know and continue training.

There are always procedures to learn, paths to follow, and ways to improve. That is the spirit of SDI diving.

In addition, SDI diving is committed to the integration of new technologies in recreational diving. Another point to keep in mind because we are in a time of fast technological evolution. A person who doesn’t train or study because he knows everything, will end up knowing everything about a world that no longer exists.


5. There Is More to SDI Diving Than Just Diving

The spirit of SDI diving is built on a community. Because divers are more than individuals enjoying an activity, at SDI, scuba divers built a community around diving where everybody shares, supports and makes each other better divers by just helping.

If the values of SDI diving resonate with you and you want to be part of it by learning to dive with SDI, contact us.