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5 Romantic Scuba Vacations For 5 Types Of Divers

A romantic scuba vacation is the gift you have been looking for this Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter if you are a new couple, have spent a decade together, or if, on the next anniversary, you will set a record for enduring love. You are scuba divers, and if there’s something that truly seduces you, it’s the idea of practicing your favorite sport. Therefore, if you really want to surprise your love, take note of these five suggestions. The goal: enjoy the romantic scuba vacation of a lifetime.


Romantic Scuba Vacations For Beginners: Bayahibe

Romantic Scuba Vacations - Bayahibe

It is possible that this is the first time you travel together. It is also possible that your partner or you have not dived yet and you want to discover this sensational sport. For both, beginners in love or in the practice of this sport, Bayahibe is an ideal destination to enjoy a romantic diving vacation. This is the Dominican Republic’s enclave mix all the attractions typical of the island with a fascinating scuba offer.

During your romantic scuba vacation on land you can enjoy the gourmet pleasures that make couples choose Bayahibe. On this island, the Creole culture, mixed with African and Caribbean essence, seduces the five senses. The beautiful beaches of Bayahibe lined with palm trees enchant romance. The sunsets happen at the rhythm of merengue. The most demanding palates are pampered by their cuisine and sips of Mamajuana and rum encourage the shyest hearts.

Meanwhile, into its crystalline waters, beautiful coral reefs, fantastic sunken ships and abundant marine life delight any couple of divers. In addition, dive sites are minutes from the coast by boat. Therefore, Bayahibe is an ideal place to learn to dive or enjoy your romantic scuba vacation without pressure.

Romantic Scuba Vacations In Cozumel, A Paradise For Lovers Of Underwater Nature

Pack your desire for adventure and make them come true on the island of Cozumel. This is the perfect destination to be in love and practice diving.

On the surface you can admire its breathtaking sunsets as you walk along the boardwalk. The delicious Mexican dishes are ideal to give a spicy touch to romantic dinners and you will find passion in its sugary beaches of white sands. In addition to that, Cozumel is an unbeatable location for bird watching. Not in vain in the Mayan language it means “Islands of the Swallows”. However, it is underwater where it beats records of achievement.

The truth is that the records of Cozumel are two. It is the most eastern corner of all Mexico and also has the second biggest barrier of coral in the world. The coral formations you will find during your romantic scuba vacation will impress you in size and shape. Its walls, tunnels, and caves will make you feel overwhelmed, especially if you come across nurse sharks, giant groupers, or stingrays. Fortunately, this natural treasure is protected by the National Marine Park of the Reefs of Cozumel. In this way, its more than 26 species of coral and 500 species of fish can continue seducing divers’ hearts.

Romantic Scuba Vacations In Cozumel

A Romantic Scuba Vacations For Couples With Children Is Possible In Playa Del Carmen

If you are in love, you have children and you love diving, just do it. Traveling with children is not an excuse. The truth is that diving is a playful opportunity for the whole family and if the chosen place for your romantic scuba vacation is Playa del Carmen, it is even better.

Playa del Carmen is the name of a fishermen’s village at the heart of the Riviera Maya. Although at present the little town has increased remarkably in size, it still maintains that essence that makes it a charming place.

Romantic Scuba Vacations - Playa Del Carmen

The best thing about this beautiful destination is that it has everything. Paradisiacal beaches, warm waters year-round and entertainment opportunities for adults and children. Who knows, it is possible that luck even offers you some moment as a couple alone. If that were not the case, do not worry because very close to Playa del Carmen you can visit the park of Xcaret, which has an infinity of attractions, shows and activities. In addition, the ruins of Coba are going to offer you a wonderful archaeological adventure in the middle of the jungle. There you will see the largest Mayan pyramid of the Yucatan.

For your romantic family diving vacation, the Mexican Caribbean will be a real gift. Diving in Playa del Carmen, your children will discover the perfect place to learn. On the one hand, you will find many resorts have a collaborating dive center within their facilities. Its experienced instructors will open the door for you to fantastic dives.

On the other hand, the natural wealth of the dive sites near Playa del Carmen will conquer the heart of the whole family. Its large numbers of loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles will thrill you. Meanwhile, your glance will be seduced by parrotfish, triggerfish and filefish among others. The best of all is these are just some of the wonders you can enjoy on a romantic diving vacation in Playa del Carmen. There is much more.

The Red Sea, The Destination Chosen By Those Looking For A Romantic Diving And Culture Vacation


If you decide to opt for the Red Sea as your destination, you have at your disposal several opportunities to enjoy your vacation as a couple. In Egypt, if you decide to stay at a resort or a hotel, you can meet one of the most attractive and long-lived civilizations in history. In the crowded Cairo there is a great jewel awaiting you, its immense national museum. Nor can we forget the Valley of the Kings, which welcomes anyone who wants to walk through the necropolis of Luxor. The way to get there could be a romantic cruise on the Nile, why not?

However, it is almost impossible to resist the temptation of the beautiful and crystalline waters of this sea. Not in vain, they offer a visibility of up to 40 meters. The Red Sea takes its name from the reddish algae. Under its waters, more than 250 species of coral make up the habitat of 1,100 species of fish.

Considered one of the 7 wonders of the underwater world, vertical walls, coral gardens and large specimens – like whale sharks, hammerheads and longimanus – await you there. In addition to all these attractions for your romantic scuba vacations, you can add the charm of the wrecks.

We cannot forget that the Red Sea has been a historic and very important maritime trade route, which has claimed its victims in the form of sunken ships. Therefore, if you choose a liveaboard safari experience, you can dive Sharm el Shaikh or the shipwrecks of Hurghada on the northern route. While in Sudan you can find yourself in front of the Umbrian wreck or the unique Submerged City of Jacques Cousteau.

Romantic Scuba Vacations - Red Sea

Maldives Is An Exclusive Retreat For Couples On Their Romantic Scuba Vacations
Romantic Scuba Vacations - Maldives

The 75 islands that form the Maldives only form a 1 % of this territory. The rest is water. Can there be better expectation for your romantic scuba vacation?

Its rich diversity, 250 species of coral, and 1,200 species of fish, have turned the Maldives into a dream for lovers of diving. Among the most beautiful species there, we will highlight the diversity of sea turtles, rays, whitetip sharks or flying fish. Are you ready to find Nemo with your partner in life? Because it is waiting for you.

Many of the divers who visit the Maldives decide to choose the Liveaboards as the best way to discover the vast offer of the Maldives. Others prefer to stay in the luxury resorts of the archipelago. Privacy and an idyllic environment are qualities that act as magnets for lovers around the world.

In this article we have summarized 5 romantic scuba vacations, which one is your favorite?

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