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How To Keep A Dive Mask From Fogging Up?

In this article, we show you how to keep dive mask from fogging up with these 7 tricks. They will help you to avoid this annoying problem and get the most out of your dives.

There is one very annoying inconvenience for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. We are talking about the moment when their dive mask fogs up in the middle of a dive. It can interrupt the enjoyment for you, your partner, and even the entire diving group. The problem is not only will you have to constantly flood and clear the dive mask to keep it from fogging up, but also, you could miss the underwater spectacle.

That’s why in this article, we’ve compiled the best tricks from our instructors. In the following lines, they will show you how to keep a dive mask from fogging up.

How To Keep A Dive Mask From Fogging Up: Tips Before Wearing it For The First Time.

  1. How to keep a dive mask from fogging up? Use toothpaste.

The diving masks lenses get a chemical film during their manufacture. If you want to prevent the dive mask from fogging, you must remove this protection before using it for the first time.

Using toothpaste to keep the dive mask from fogging up is a very known tip. Apply the paste with a soft cloth and spread it inside and outside the mask. After 12 hours, remove any remaining toothpaste with plenty of hot water. You will see the results with just one application.

2. How to keep a dive mask from fogging up? Heat the glass.

Applying a flame is another tip to remove the chemical layer from new diving masks. It consists of bringing a flame close to the dive mask lenses. You will have to be very careful that the heat does not damage your dive mask’s silicone.


3. How to keep a dive mask from fogging up? Use anti-fog products.

It’s easy to find specialized anti-fog products for diving masks on the market. These sprays’ their formula ensure you have a clear vision during the dive, and they are easy to use. Just spray the product on your mask lenses. Remember to rinse away the product before using the mask, so you don’t get the chemical in your eyes.

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How To Keep A Dive Mask From Fogging Up: Tips Before Every Dive.

4. How to keep dive mask from fogging up? Spit in it.

Removing the chemical protection layer is not enough to prevent diving masks from fogging. Luckily, we have an effective, cheap, and affordable resource for everyone. Your own saliva. Spit in your dive mask and spread the saliva on the glass. What’s wrong with that?  That saliva contains bacteria that shouldn’t get into your eyes. So, rinse well if this is your only option.

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    5. How to keep dive mask from fogging up? Wash them with dishwashing detergent.

    It’s also a very common tip. In fact, usually, you can find a small bottle with this product on liveaboard cruises. The detergent is applied to the mask while it is still dry. Rub with your finger until the glass makes a “Crick, Crick” sound, indicating the grease has been completely removed. Then immerse the mask in clean water until no residue remains. Your eyes will be grateful.

    6. How to keep A dive mask from fogging up? Use baby shampoo.

    Same application method, but with a different product. Baby shampoo is less aggressive. Just spread it out, leave it to work for a few minutes, and rinse it off with plenty of water, but without rubbing, because we don’t want the water to remove the film left by the shampoo.

    7. How to keep dive mask from fogging up? Use your knowledge as a diver.

    If despite all the precautions, or because you forgot to take them, your dive mask fogs up during the dive, you must resort to your knowledge. You know how to flood and clear your mask, they taught you that in your Open Water course. Also remember that breathing through your nose may make the fogging worse, so avoid that if you have that habit. Remember that in scuba diving we breath only through the mouth.

    Now, you know how to keep a dive mask from fogging up What’s your favorite tip? Do you know any other? Share it with us on our social networks. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.