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Interview With Giorgia, Dive Instructor at Dressel Divers Playa del Carmen

We recently went to the Riviera Maya to interview Giorgia, one of our talented Dive Instructors in our Playa Del Carmen dive center. Discover her journey, from a young scuba enthusiast to exploring remote caves with Maya relics. Learn what it takes to be a successful Dive Instructor, her advice to new divers, and her favorite pastimes in Playa del Carmen.

– At what age did you start diving?

I started scuba diving at the age of 12 in my hometown with my uncle.

– What is the most incredible dive you ever did?

Definitely, the dive that gave me the biggest excitement of my life was in a remote cave. We had the chance to observe an intact Maya ritual offering, with ceramics, pottery, and animal bones left there as devotional presents for the gods of the cavern.

–  At what point did you realize you wanted to be a Dive Instructor?

I knew I was going to be a Dive Instructor during my divemaster course.

– Where and with whom did you do your instructor course?

I did my Dive Instructor internship here at Dressel Divers, and my course director was the epic Paul.

– What qualities do you think a Dive Instructor needs to be successful?

The best quality instructors need to have is definitely empathy, the ability to read and understand people, followed by great leadership skills.

In a cave we saw an intact Maya ritual offering, with ceramics, pottery, and animal bones left as presents for the gods

– What is the best advice you ever gave to students?

The best advice is to keep challenging yourself, test your skills in different types of dives and environments, and, of course, keep learning.

– What is your most memorable moment with students?

The best emotion with students is seeing the smiles on the faces of people trying diving for the first time in their lives.

– Why would you recommend Dressel Divers to new students?

There is no doubt in choosing our team. Standards and safety are our priority. We are an international team that works together to find the best solution for every experience.

– How long have you been with Dressel Divers?

I have been with Dressel Divers for 3 years, plus internship time.

– What features and opportunities made you choose to work with this company in particular?

I like working with Dressel because it is a strong and reliable company, that offers good career opportunities for long-term positions. It provides a chance to grow fast and test your abilities in different areas.

Standards and safety are Dressel’s priority. We work to find the best solution for every experience.

– Which Dressel Divers dive center would you like to go next if the opportunity arises?

My favorite diving location is the Dominican Republic because they also have cenotes.

– What is the best advice you would give to someone who wants to take up scuba diving?

I would suggest to every new diver to be careful. Diving is highly addictive and will steal your heart forever! But seriously, it is a great activity. Stay sharp, in shape, and it’s suitable for the whole family.

– What are your other hobbies? What do you do on your day off here in Playa del Carmen?

My days off are often busy with cave diving, jungle walking, and exploring restaurants, for sure!