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10 Underwater Video Games To Have Fun on the Surface

Did you know that underwater video games have had a bad reputation among gamers for decades? They found the controls’ adaptation to a different environment, with higher resistance and more density, to be frustrating.

However, as in life, there are exceptions, and there are scuba diving games that have become favorites among players of all kinds. They stand out for their graphics, storyline, or just being incredibly enjoyable.

Since we scuba divers love a good deep-sea game, as long as we’re not actually diving, here are 10 scuba diving video games that you’re going to love. Are you ready for a virtual dive?

1. Under The Waves

Released on August 29th, this ocean game immerses you in an exciting underwater adventure. Set in an alternate version of the 1970s, it follows the story of Stan, a professional diver who retires to an underwater base in the North Sea in search of solitude and peace. However, he quickly gets entangled in thrilling missions and explorations, whether in a diving suit or a vehicle. This underwater game conveys a clear message about the importance of protecting the marine environment, encouraging you to collect plastic waste and metals to reuse and progress in the dive game.

Although this diving game is captivating, be cautious if you’re a diver because it can dazzle you and keep you busy for hours taking photos, cleaning the seabed, or interacting with a playful seal instead of progressing in the main story. The setting is simply breathtaking. It is available for PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.

Underwater Video Games - juegos de buceo-under the waves

2. Dave the Diver

Available for PC and Switch, this has been a pleasant surprise in the world of underwater video games in 2023. Without a big advertising campaign, it captivated players during the summer with its thrilling adventure of running a sushi business.

What makes Dave the Diver so appealing? The premise is simple: you become Dave, an expert diver called to work at a sushi bar near the Blue Abyss. Your main task is to explore the waters to catch fish and keep the restaurant stocked, but you also have to manage the bar at night.

At first, it seems like a scuba dive game with underwater mazes and levels straight from the manual, but it becomes more complex as you progress. You need to gather resources, upgrade your equipment, and face marine dangers like aggressive fish and sharks. Managing the business after the dives is a mini-game in itself.

Dave the Diver offers a unique experience that blends diving, role-playing, and management, and its appeal lies in memorable characters, life simulation, and the excitement of playing something original in 2023. It’s a scuba diver game for all tastes.

3. Subnautica

Subnautica, the thrilling underwater adventure video game, has become a popular phenomenon in recent years. In this game, you’ll dive into a dreamy underwater world as you take on the role of a survivor of a space crash stranded on an alien planet mostly covered by water.

Your main mission is to explore the ocean depths, collect resources, build tools and bases, and unravel the hidden mysteries in the depths of the ocean. Get ready to face challenges like hostile sea creatures, unpredictable weather changes, and smart management of your resources and basic needs for survival.

Subnautica receives praise for its impressive visual design, immersive atmosphere, and addictive undersea gameplay. Furthermore, you’ll immerse yourself in a fascinating story that unfolds as you explore and discover more about this underwater environment.

This exciting scuba diving game is available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, allowing more players to enjoy the thrill of diving and surviving in the depths of the sea.

Underwater Video Games - juegos de buceo-subnautica


ABZÛ, a captivating scuba diving game released in 2016, immerses you in a vast ocean teeming with marine life and stunning underwater environments. In this ocean game, you’ll take on the role of a diver exploring the depths of the sea, interacting with various species of fish and marine creatures while unraveling hidden mysteries within the ocean.

This diver game stands out for its unique artistic style and an immersive soundtrack that plunges you into a relaxing and captivating atmosphere. As you progress, you’ll unlock new areas to explore and uncover the intriguing story unfolding in the underwater world of ABZÛ.

More than just a simple scuba diving game, ABZÛ is an exhilarating journey that aims to convey a contemplative and emotional experience through immersion in the fascinating underwater realm.

Underwater Video Games - juegos de buceo-abzu

5. Iron Lung

Iron Lung is a thrilling scuba diving game that delivers a unique and immersive experience. It takes place in a confined space the size of a room. After all the stars and planets in the universe vanish, the last remnants of humanity send a prisoner (you) to a moon covered in a sea of blood to uncover its secrets. So, we can’t exactly call it an underwater game.

Throughout the storyline, players are confined inside a small submarine, and the only way to see the outside world is through low-resolution images taken from within the sub, adding to the suspense.

Gameplay revolves around photographing points of interest on a map. The goal is to explore and uncover the mysteries hidden beneath the surface of the blood ocean. Iron Lung offers a short but impactful experience that lingers with players long after they’ve finished the game.

Underwater Video Games - juegos de buceos-iron lung

6. Depth

In 2014, an exciting PC video game emerged, offering a unique underwater experience. This scuba diver game, called “Depth,” plunges you into an intense underwater video game where you can take on two distinct roles: that of a diver or a shark.

Divers team up to complete missions and collect treasures in a perilous underwater environment. However, they must stay alert, as hungry sharks lurk in the depths, ready to hunt down and eliminate the divers in their path.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. You also have the option to play as a shark. As a shark, your mission is to hunt down and eliminate the divers before they complete their objectives. Sharks possess special abilities and impressive agility in the water, making them formidable predators.

“Depth” offers a gameplay experience filled with excitement and tension, featuring detailed graphics and immersive sound. This underwater game has received praise for its unique gameplay and intense atmosphere. Succeeding in “Depth” requires strategy and team coordination. Dive into the thrill of this scuba diving game!

Underwater Video Games - juegos de buceo-depth

7. Ocean Rift

In the world of Ocean Rift, users dive into a breathtaking ocean spectacle, exploring unique underwater landscapes, from coral reefs to mysterious caves and shipwrecks. This underwater game showcases a wide array of marine creatures, from colorful tropical fish to formidable sharks, playful dolphins, and majestic whales. Players have the opportunity to swim alongside these fascinating creatures, observing their behavior and gaining knowledge through detailed in-game information. It’s like scuba diving but without a regulator and real animals, of course!

Ocean Rift offers different gameplay modes, such as free exploration, allowing players to enjoy the ocean’s beauty at their own pace, as well as the thrilling interactive diving mode, which presents challenges and missions to complete.

This diving game has garnered praise for its stunning visual quality and its ability to immerse players in an authentic sea world. The diversity of marine species and the sensation of truly being underwater are standout features that have captivated players. However, some express their desire for even more content and additional features in the deep-sea game.

Underwater Video Games - juegos de buceo-Ocean Rift

8. Bioshock Collection

Bioshock is an exhilarating underwater video games trilogy that blends action and exploration. The story unfolds in an alternate history of 1960, where the player takes on the role of Jack, a survivor of a plane crash who must explore the underwater city of Rapture while facing off against mutated humans with special powers and robots designed for specific targets.

The diving game features a variety of weapons and plasmids, which are substances that grant the player special abilities, like throwing fireballs or controlling the minds of enemies. There are also stealth elements and puzzle-solving in the game.

Bioshock has been praised for its rich narrative and immersive atmosphere. It’s been hailed as one of the greatest dive video games of all time and has spawned several sequels and spin-offs.

Underwater Video Games - juegos de buceo-bioshock

9. Beyond Blue

This captivating ocean game is a single-player experience where you embody Mirai, a fearless diver who utilizes cutting-edge technology to investigate and understand marine life. As you explore the waters, you’ll encounter various species of marine creatures and discover their habits and habitats.

The main focus of the underwater game revolves around its exciting narrative, addressing themes such as ocean preservation and the interaction between humanity and marine life. In addition to exploration, you’ll need to solve puzzles and make decisions that will influence the storyline’s development.

Beyond Blue has received acclaim for its stunning visual design and commitment to educating about marine fauna. Plus, you can enjoy the fun of a dive video game that takes you deep into the wonders of the ocean.

Underwater Video Games - juegos de buceos-beyond blue

10. Barotrauma

Dives players into an deep sea game full of challenges and cooperation. This underwater video game, available since 2019 on PC through the Steam platform, plunges you into a relentless world beneath the waves.

In this unique diving video game, you’ll embody the crew members aboard a submarine, facing a hostile and perilous environment. The primary goal is to keep the submarine fully operational while dealing with water leaks, hostile sea creatures, and oxygen issues.

The gaming experience is entirely collaborative, where players must work together to overcome challenges and fulfill missions. Each player has a specific role, whether it’s an engineer, medic, captain, or navigator, and it’s crucial they carry out their respective tasks to keep the submarine afloat.

Barotrauma falls into the category of online ocean games, allowing players to join teams and compete or cooperate in the fascinating shared underwater world.

This scuba diving game stands out for its realism in physics and the meticulous simulation of submarine systems. Water pressure, temperature, oxygen supply, and the structural integrity of the submersible must all be considered as you explore this perilous underwater environment.

Underwater Video Games - juegos de buceos-barotrauma

From exploring alien worlds in “Subnautica” to managing a sushi business in “Dave the Diver,” these underwater video games challenge you in various ways. Whether you’re exploring the ocean for treasures, facing terrifying sea creatures, or cooperating in managing a submarine from the comfort of your own screen.

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