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Cheap Diving; How to Get It Without Sacrificing Quality?

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Cheap diving destinations, cheap dive equipment, cheap dive trips…

We often brag about finding bargains, but we must beware of cheap scuba diving. It is usually much more expensive than it seems.

This article tells you about some of the risks of cheap diving and how to reduce prices without sacrificing quality or safety. This is interesting, isn’t it? Read on, it gets better.

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Cheap Diving Versus Good Value for Money

Cheap scuba diving can mean an unacceptable risk, it can have hidden costs, and even more dangerous, it can involve security failures.

  • Cheap Dive Equipment

It is vital to have good diving gear that allows breathing underwater, protecting your skin, regulating your buoyancy, and swimming, carrying out your dives safely. Scuba gear is going to keep you alive underwater. Do you consider it a good idea to skimp on this aspect?

Not so long ago, a diver told us that he found a cheap diving opportunity including gear. The prices were irresistible. However, as soon as I jumped into the water and inflated the BCD, a muff shot out, and the BCD completely deflated. He had to drop ballast and wait to be picked up by the boat. It did not allow him to be in positive buoyancy. That’s how his cheap diving day ended.

  • Cheap Dive Centers

A diving centers’ goal is to serve scuba divers. A cheap dive center cannot provide the same services as one that offers excellent value for money. That’s the secret,

That is, the ideal is:

  • An unblemished safety record;
  • Competent staff serving divers in their language;
  • spacious and comfortable boats to move to the dive sites;
  • competent dive guides;
  • Experienced boat captains;
  • professional boat crew;
  • supervised facilities to leave your diving equipment or to rent the equipment
  • Compressors for the different air mixtures, including Nitrox;

Are you willing to give up all that for $10 less on a cheap dive?

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  • Cheap Diving Courses

You can find cheap dive course offers.

If you are going to start diving and want to do your Open Water Course, you may be tempted by offers of strikingly cheap diving courses. That carries risks.

First, qualified professionals with active credentials are not cheap. So, if the scuba diving course is too cheap, there could be something wrong. Do not hesitate to check the credentials of the Dive Instructors.

Some diving courses that seem cheap do not include the rental of equipment, boats, pools, or other extras. These costs will add up and raise the price.

Cheap Diving or How to Book Budget Diving

Keep calm! Yes, there are ways to enjoy diving without sacrificing quality, safety even get more value for your money. We tell you below.

1. Ask for Cheap Dive Packages

Cheap and quality diving can be a reality if you take advantage of diving packages or dive packs. With them, you can purchase a certain number of dives, which will be more or less depending on your needs. These packages are adjusted to how often you intend to dive. Thanks to them, you get substantial discounts on the price per dive without sacrificing quality in diving.

At Dressel Divers, in addition to a considerable price reduction, we offer EXTRA FREE DIVES in all our dive packages.

You can enjoy world-class cheap diving from 5 individual dives with Dressel Divers dive packages. They include diving excursions! Yes, yes, as you read it.

Also, if you have miscalculated and need more dives you can add them for the same reduced price you got with your package.

You deserve to visit the best reefs and enjoy cheap and quality diving: Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Playa Paraíso, Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Vallarta and Cancún, Punta Cana, Bayahibe and Montego Bay.

What happens if you don’t spend your dives during your vacation? Absolutely nothing, because you have up to 5 years to consume the remaining dives from your package.

Diving Package Cozumel

(5+1 free single dive)

Diving Package Cozumel

(9+3 free single dives)

Diving Package Cozumel

(12+6 free single dives)

Diving Package 

(10+2 free single dives)

Diving Package 

(At least 11 dives)

Diving Cozumel

(Different combinations)

2. Travel to The Cheapest Places to Scuba Dive by Booking “Stay & Dive” Packages

Get cheap dive trips at unbelievable prices by booking Dressel Divers Stay and Dive packages.

Dressel Divers has partnership agreements with the best hotels and resorts in the Caribbean. All-inclusive 5-star hotels where our dive centers are. It’s about having diving just around the corner.

This allows us to offer FIRST RATE CHEAP DIVING AND STAYS for our guests:


The best scuba diving in Mexico at the best prices.

Stay at one of the select Iberostar all-inclusive 5-star resorts and enjoy the cheaper diving in the world-famous Cozumel Marine Park, the Playa Del Carmen Cenotes, budget diving with Bull Sharks, and other cheaper scuba diving excursions.

cheap diving in mexico


North, East, and South of the Dominican Republic, the Iberostar all-inclusive dive hotels with scuba centers run by Dressel Divers will welcome you to the very best reefs in the country. With our fantastic stay & budget diving, you can do all you imagined.

cheap diving in the dominican republic


In Jamaica, the hotel is so close to the reefs that you could don your equipment in your room to go diving. Visit Jamaica and immerse yourself in its wonderful underwater world from the pier that we have right on the hotel beach. Get the cheapest dive trip by booking Dressel Divers’ “Stay and Dive” packages.

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3. Be Updated on The Latest Offers

As if this were not enough, Dressel Divers offers a 20% discount for online prepayment for all divers!

We cannot forget our special offers or flash sales either. You can get to know them by following the Dressel Divers profiles on Facebook and Instagram and by receiving our Newsletter.

Leave us your email, and we will inform you of our cheap diving offers.

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