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Best Scuba Diving Mexico: Top 5 Adventures

Best scuba diving in mexico - cenotes - el mejor buceo en mexico

Mexico is a Central American country that offers multiple fun opportunities for bubble lovers, but… Where are the best places to practice scuba diving in Mexico? We tell you below in our selection of Mexican underwater adventures.

The Best Diving in Mexico: Cozumel Reefs

If you want to see the second-largest barrier reef in the world in all its splendor, the reefs of Cozumel are your best option.

The variety of coral species and the profusion of marine life make Cozumel the first option when the best scuba diving in Mexico is concerned. If, in addition, you want to do it with an experienced operator that offers all the safety guarantees, contact Dressel Divers. The readers of DIVE magazine prized Dressel Divers Cozumel dive center as The Best Dive Center in Mexico And The Sixth In The World.


Best Scuba Diving Mexico – Cenote Diving in the Riviera Maya

There is a little more we can add about diving in cenotes that we haven’t already said in the articles: Cenotes in the Riviera Maya and The 7 Best Cenotes in Mexico for Diving and Snorkeling.

What makes them part of our best scuba diving Mexico selection is that they are spectacular and will take your breath away. In the middle of the Mexican jungle, these sinkholes hide:

impressive stalactites, magnificent stalagmites, amazing stone columns, and extraordinary domes carved by the water.  All of them are dotted with the visual effect of the halocline. Dressel Divers takes you to dive the best cenotes from its bases in Playa Paraiso, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras. Are you going to miss this?


    Best Scuba Diving Mexico – Bull Sharks Diving in Playa del Carmen

    We can’t talk about the best diving in Mexico and forget diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen. Every winter, these magnificent creatures take to the Mexican coasts to give birth and allow us to share the underwater space with them.

    Seeing them up close and in their own environment is a spectacle in itself, as well as an adventure that only a few can enjoy. With Dressel Divers, you can do it every Thursday and Saturday from November to mid-March.

    Know more about bull shark diving by reading Diving With Bull Sharks In Playa Del Carmen, Everything You Need To Know or 5 Jaw-dropping Bull Sharks Facts You Didn’t Know

    Best scuba diving in mexico - guadalupe- el mejor buceo en mexico

    Best Scuba Diving Mexico – Pacific Ocean Diving in Punta Mita

    If you’ve ever wanted to dive with humpback whales, dolphins, or turtles, Punta Mita is the ideal place to do it.  Located in the Pacific Ocean, this dive spot expands the best diving in Mexico menu offer.

    From there, with Dressel Divers, you can visit the famous Marietas Islands, which were declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO due to their marine biodiversity.

    At Dressel Divers, we make daily excursions from Monday to Saturday to this exceptional enclave.


    Best Scuba Diving Mexico – Liveaboard experiences

    We cannot forget within the selection of the best diving in Mexico the liveaboard experiences. Two of them stand out:

    Guadalupe, an opportunity to dive with white sharks. You will be able to look into the lords of the ocean their eyes from the safety of a cage.

    Socorro, in whose waters 7 species of sharks await you, as well as underwater encounters with other large pelagic animals such as manta rays, orcas, dolphins, and many more.

    Now, you choose where to enjoy the best diving in Mexico, with Dressel Divers you can make all these experiences come true, ask us!