BANANA RIDES with Dressel Divers


Ride the ocean front on a great big yellow banana! Due to its popularity, in most Dressel Divers destination, you will very often see the banana ride in action. On a hot day there is nothing like the refreshing excitement of a spin with the banana boat.

Feel the sea breeze and the movement of its surface riding the banana like an ocean cowboy on the range. Keeping balance during banana rides is fun and easy and occasionally falling off and getting back on just ads to the adventure.

Banana rides simply are great water entertainment, by yourself or with a group of friends. The banana can sit several participants in one ride.

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Try your hand at Banana Rides in:

Dressel-affiliated Resorts

Guests at hotels where there is a Dressel Dive Center can hop onto the banana boat directly from their resort beach. Others can join the group by either making their way to the hotel by walking along the beach or through a sea or road transfer arrangement (exceptions may apply).

Water Sports Day Trips!

Join us for Banana Rides and many more activities with a day package that includes lunch, unlimited drinks and use of the resort’s beach, pool and other facilities.

Add more fun by signing on FOR A DAY OF WATER SPORTS! Consider additional activities such as DIVING COURSES, SNORKELING, PARASAILING and WAVERUNNERS.

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