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PADI IDC BLOG Wat is het PADI INSTRUCTOR EXAM slagingspercentage?

What happens should I fail the Instructor Exam???

To be honest… Chances are very slim as we have 14 days of training (including a free PREP course), instead of the normal 9 days, also as soon as you reserve you space on the course our Course Director contacts you personally to discuss study aids and personal requirements.  Also with great experience our Course Directors instinctively know who need extra teaching before going to any examination.

We offer an “IE pass-guarantee”

In the very unlikely event that you are unsuccessful in the PADI IE, Our Course Directors will talk with you about where and when the next PADI IE is and will work towards this date with you for FREE, so that you WILL pass any modules previously failed.  You can re-take the next IDC with us (at NO extra cost), and we will pay for any fees to re-sit your exam.

Dressel Divers success rate at the IEs is the best in the Caribbean, and we are confident that you too will succeed.  However we understand that piece of mind is important which is why we offer our “IE pass guarantee”.

Posted on: 2015/10/20

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