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PADI IDC BLOG: What is the PADI IE passing rate?
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Sidemount FAQ: Position of the tanks?
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Sidemount FAQ: Why two tanks?

I don’t need two tanks, I can do a dive with one only, so why Side Mount Diving?

If you choose to take a sidemount dive training it is not because  you breathe a lot underwater and you want to make your dive longer. sidemount diving gives you the chance to improve your diving skills and become a more experience diver.

Sidemount teaches you to dive more streamlined, how to manage more tasks underwater, like taking care of two pressure gauges and, to be more independent as a diver.

Sidemount give you a taste of what comes next but without raising the risk like in TEC Diving or Cave Diving. If you like scuba diving then sidemount is your new toy to play with, it is very nice to see divers personalizing the trim and testing them on every  dive.

And remember, there is only one risk, once you start diving sidemount you can’t stop!!!